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The Wonders of Slippery Elm

The Wonders of Slippery Elm

Traditional Use
Slippery elm was one of the most useful medicinal plants of the American wilderness. Native Americans from the Missouri River Valley used a tea of the fresh inner bark to make a soothing laxative. Among the Creek, a poultice of the bark was a toothache remedy. The Osage and other groups applied bark poultices to extract thorns and gunshot balls. Surgeons during the American Revolution used bark poultices as their primary treatment for gunshot wounds, and a soldier, separated from his company, survived for ten days in the wilderness on slippery elm and sassafras barks. During the War of 1812, when food was scarce, British soldiers fed their horses on slippery elm bark. Nineteenth-century physicians recommended slippery elm broth as a wholesome and nutritious food for infants and invalids, and the tea has long been the herbal treatment of choice for acute stomach ulcers and colitis.

How to make a "moc" chocolate milk drink with slippery Elm.
The Recipe:
Take 10 oz. Hot Milk 
2 tblspns Slippery Elm Bark Powder
1 tspn spoon honey

This can be added to fruit juices and create a freshness / earthy flavor. It adds a healthiness to a good quality fruit juice or add it to a freshly juiced juice e.g. apple celery carrot  or sprinkles some throughout your cereals hot or cold. Watch the difference!!!

So why is it so Great !!!
Slippery Elm was also used by native americans to remove the gamey taste out of their meats. It was also used to gel certain kinds of foods. this is because slippery Elm will absorb almost 20 times its volume and becomes like a liquid oatmeal ( this is also known as a gruel).

In case of famine slippery Elm can be used as a food. Because it also provides nourishment throughout the body and organs. it is the only herb that will, as it goes throughout the entire organ system of the body locate an ulcer  or cancerous sore;  stay within them and provide nourishment to the ulcer or sore and flush out the cancer , bacteria's thus aiding in the healing of the sores over time

How safe is Slippery Elm Bark. It is so safe it can be given to an infant in replacement of formula.

Note: due to slippery elms demuculant properties and it High absorption do not take this with any medication because it may effect the absorption of certain pharma drugs and will slow the absorption rate thus altering med levels.

Slippery Em is also great for cronic diarrhea especially for babies. 

In my personal opinion no home should be without this herb. The gruel can be taken hot or cold 

Using a high grade tincture in 8 oz. of hot water make a good nourishing Slippery Elm Tea.

The Power of Lavender Essential oil

Target: Central Nervous System, Muscular skeletal system, Respiratory system
Survival: Medicine

The Power of Lavender Essential oil:

Properties: Nervine, anti-microbile, anti-bacterial, antiseptic, Anti depressant, Analgesic, Expectorant,

You will se below many lists of herb extraction types , infused oils, and essential oils that it works well with this is due to the fact of its ability to molecularly bind without synthisization process. ( a process that conceives a new enzyme that does not have all the vital enzymes as the original herb itself and therefore is lacking in many ways to not only heal but bind naturally such as is in GMO foods)

This herb in the form of an essential oil is a powerful nervine targeting the milestone neurotransmitter responsible of sleep and relaxation. Also this essential oil is excellent for skin care particularly eczema, dermatitis, scabies,blisters carbuncles and boils,this is due to its anti-bacterial, antiseptic and antimicrobile properties. It can also be used for the following:

  • Respiratory tract infections
  • Wound care
  • Stress
  • insomnia
  • Muscle pain and aches, 
  • Muscle stiffness & mild cramping

A few oils it blends well with are Oil of oregano, Tea Tree, calendula,clove, mint, sage, frankincense, vanilla essential oils.
It works incredible well blended with infused oils such as caledula,echinacea, st johns wort, plantain and more.
It is excellent for use in many types of Salves due to it beneficial properties for skincare.
Using Lavender as a Herb, Infused Oil, Essential oil  are different due to its strengths to extract vital healing enzymes.
Herbal flowers can be used in, infused oils, tonics, teas, concoctions, tinctures, salves poultices, and herbal extracts
Using Lavender herb in Infused oils are used for salve making oil wraps, and for bring out aches and pains of sore ore injured muscles, cramps and or tendon knots.
and this oil works extremely well when infused in jojoba oil with calendula flowers for veracious veins.
Infused Oils:
Using this herb to infuse raw domestic wildflower honey works incredible for insomnia and burns and bruises,especially sunburn. a 1/2 teaspoon of this infused honey in a glass of warm milk will also help those hyper children of your sleep and with a healthy realm sleep.
This herb used as a alcohol tincture can be used to treat acne very effectively (externally speaking) it can be also used for cold and flus’ due to its anti-bacterial, antiseptic and antimicrobial properties. Also when infused in food grade glycerine can be used to aid in burn and wound healing and is safe for diabetic and children over the age of 5 years.

A simple Eczema recipe.

  • 2 ounces of Jojoba oil
  • 1 ounce of grape seed oil
  • 8 drops of lavender
  • 3 drops of tea tree essential oil


  1. Blend essential oils together
  2. Add jojoba oil
  3. Add grape seed oil
  4. Percuse bottom of jar at least 25 times against palm to disperse and oils throughout each other. 
  5. Let sit at least 24 hrs to propagate.

Apply Externally with gauze or cotton ball 3 times daily until effected area(s) are cleared up.

The power of Clove Essential oil

The Power of Clove Essential Oil

Due to its high O.R.A.C levels,  antimicrobial,anti-spasmodic, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiviral, anti parasitic, anesthetic properties. This powerful essential oil packs a powerful punch so powerful it was used in the formulation of the true and traditional Thieves oil use during the black plague in France during the 15th century. Today it has many other uses as well such as:

Oral Care: due to its anesthetic properties acts as a  natural local anesthetic.
Anti-Parasitic: Will not only purge parasites from the intestines but kill any larva as well this is due to the high levels of Antioxidants scaled at (10 million O.R.A.C.)
Respiratory infections: this is due to its powerful anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties.
Diabetes: Its powerful and high antioxidants scaled at (10 million) and anesthetic, and anti-inflammatory properties are used in the formulations to aid peripheral neuropathy.
Rummatory Arthritis/ Muscle cramping: the high levels of antioxidants and the anesthetic, and anti-inflammatory  properties are used to help arthritic pain with its also antispasmodic properties.
Menstral Pain: The natural anesthetic properties help reduce the level of pain due to menstral cramps.
Skin Cancer: Its High levels of antioxidant scaled at (10 million O.R.A.C.)
The Antimicrobial properties of this oil in conjunction with high levels of antioxidant aid in helping reducing the growth of cancer cells.
Depression: Clove oil used with other essential oils creates an uplifting feeling

Other Hygienic and household cleaning properties:
Such As:

  • Dust Mite Repellant
  • Will also help keep red fire ants away
  • When used with thyme and oregano and or cinnamon oil makes a powerful disinfecting spray air freshener/countertop cleaner

Note:When used with pure lemon or grapefruit will make a powerful air freshener to elevate mood changes and when added to 1 cup of baking soda makes a powerful rug and apohlstry freshener while expelling any dust mites.

Weeds for Survival Series "Lawn Daisies"

Weeds for Survival Series

These bright colored little daisy like flowers call you to pick them they even grow to wait height so you do not even have to bend. Lawn daisies are a weed that blooms from June to August. and has many medicinal and  nutritional uses. However, and the best part is that they are FREE  along with dandelions, thistle, burdock, mullein and more these rascals seem to be pesky and even get in the way at time but there uses out way the need to get rid of them. They possess phosphorus, magnesium, manganese, vitamins A, K,  and are anti-inflammatory. they possess essential oils, tannins, mucus substances, flavanoids, bitters, acids, resins, as well as inulin. They can also be use of people with low appetites and digestion disorders.
The Romans Used them to soak the bandages that were used for battle wounds. They have similar effects of the Calendula flower.

A few Good Uses for Lawn Daisies are but not limited to:

  • The Common Cold
  • Bronchitis
  • has diuretic effect
  • has astringent properties
  • used for wound healing
  •  Gout
  • They help the liver and gallbladder
  • diarrhea
  • Mild Constipation

The leaves can be eaten raw in a salad and go well with dandelion leaves.
A tea also with dandelions can be made for a powerhouse of a nutritional Supplementation

Weed Salad and Tea Recipes:
You will need:
2 handfuls of freshly washed dandelion greens
1/2 handful of lawn daisy leaves
6 thinly slice radishes
2 tablespoons of raw organic unfiltered apple cider vinegar
a drizzle of pure gape seed ,sunflower, or avocado oil.
2 tablespoons of raw wildflower honey

Toss all ingredients by hand well and ENJOY a nutritional powerhouse of a salad.
You can also add a handful of walnut if you like.

A Weed Tea Recipe 

You will need
1 teaspoon of dried dandelion leave and flowers
1 teaspoon of dried lawn daisy flowers
Infuser cup or tea ball or cheesecloth


Place all dried ingredients in a infuser or tea ball if you are using a cheesecloth double the piece you are going to use and tie up herb in it place in cup add 10 ounces of boiling water and let steep for 15 minutes squeeze soaked cheesecloth with 2 tablespoons or a potato ricer. no milk to this tea if you need to sweeten ONLY use a raw honey to get maximum nutritional effect(s). I highly recommend raw wildflower honey from a beekeeper or authentic farmers market.

Note: if weeds are fresh use double the amount.

A simple but Powerful Cold n Flu Tea

A simple but Powerful 
Cold, Flu and Sore Throat Tea

This simple herbal tea will kill any virus on contact, Will Heal damaged tissue,membrane walls, will increase blood pressure and will sooth irritated membrane walls. Although very smile t make packs a powerful punch with antiviral, antibacterial, astringent, antitusive, muculent properties and more.

This tea begins aiding by surprising bacterias and or virus’ then another herb sloths while the other begins a solid healing process all the down to the root of the problem.

What You will need:

  • 8 ounces of boiling water
  • a large tea ball or infuser
  • 2 tablespoons of mullein leaf dried This will kill any virus on contact.
  • 2 teaspoons of licorice root Heals effects area(s)
  • 2 teaspoons of marshmallow root (Soothes orated membrane and or cellular walls)


  1. Boil Water to a hard boil 
  2. Add all herbs to tea ball or infuser to cup 
  3. Add boiling water let infuse for 30 minutes
  4. Press wet hens with a teaspoon to get as much juices from wet herbs

Adults: take2-3 times daily for colds, flus’ sore throats, bronchitis, pneumonia,Respiratory infections.

Notes: for very severe cases add 2 tablespoons of dried rose hips this will increase the Vitamin C concentrate Levels to help maintain the immune system.

Precautions: If you have high blood pressure OMITT the licorice root and double the marshmallow root.

Strawberry Banana Vanilla fun Frap

Strawberry Banana Vanilla Fun Frap

This is a very fray and favorable frap the vanilla brings out the distinctions of the strawberries and bananas individually and collectively. This frap will not only cools you down but provide beneficial nutrient needed throughout the year

This Frap is can be used as a weight loss supplement when not excessively used daily.

Bananas: Are loaded with potassium, magnesium,vitamin C, and are low in saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium and possess vitamin B6. and scores an 18 for a glycemic load. Secondly, bananas are good for the skeletal muscular system and Central Nervous System

Strawberries: Are very low in saturated fat, cholesterol, and sodium is also posses Vitamin C and manganese as well as a good source of fiber. and scores a glycemic load of 3.  Also strawberries are also healthy for the immune system

Vanilla Extract: Contains low saturated fats,cholesterol and sodium and scores a glycemic load of 6.

What You will need:

  1. 1/2 cups of frozen strawberries 
  2. 2-3 well ripened frozen bananas,
  3. 1 tspn of Pure vanilla extract.
  4. 11/4 cup of low fat milk

Directions: Load ice then extract then fits into a good blender pulse with delays for about 60 second then when everything is at a course consistency blend until smooth.

Note: If you want to increase the sweetness and keep the total glycemic load down use 1 tablespoon of food grade vegetable glycerine
Also, after all is blended and to bring out the flavor even more add 1/4 cup of light cream

(however this will increase the calories) and mix well will a spoon.

A refreshung Rehydrating All Year Cooler

A  Refreshing Rehydrating 
Watermelon Cooler

This cooler is sweet favorable and is a powerful rehydrator for the summer. So drink it all year and bring summer into your winter months and brighten up that smile daily.

What you will need:
3 cups of fresh cubed watermelon no seeds
3 sprigs of cilantro

Notes: adding 1/4 cup of Blueberries will give it a bold flavor and add additional antioxidant properties to this recipe. do not be afraid to use some of the rind for it possesses beta carotine.
Adding 1 cup of ice cubes, 1/2 cup of milk and 1/2 oz. of pure vanilla syrup or 1 teaspoon of pure vanilla extract will make a nice cool frap.

Directions: Load the blender with cilantro first half of watermelon then blueberries then remaining watermelon to get a good blend. Puree until completely liquid for 60 seconds using a pulse action a few times. then when completely liquid blend for additional 20 seconds to bring it all together.

The watermelon: helps rehydrate the body naturally because of it high water content. as well as Vitamins A,C,Thiamin also posses nutrients of carbs,fiber,and few calories Its mineral content is as follows Potasium.Magnesium,Manganese.
The cilantro: will help with electrolyte balance while keeping sugar levels in the blood balanced. While adding a fresh flavor with a bold but slight citrus flavor.
The Blueberries: will add a kick to the flavor while adding additional antioxidant to the drink.

A few Benefits of Watermelon:

  • Reduces risk of kidney disorders
  • helps prevent heat stroke
  • Cools down the main sysystems naturally so they can work efficiently during very hot conditions.
  • Aids in lowering Blood Pressure
  • Also Helps lower blood sugar
  • Protects Eyes from Macular degeneration
  • Reapairs Damaged Tissues

A smooth Summer Cooler

Here is a Blast of a Cooler Recipe That Pack a punch of nutrient while remaining Fun, easy and inexpensive. It includes Avocado, Mango , Carrot, and Cilantro

You will need:

  • 1 avocado
  • 2 carrots
  • 3 heathy sprigs of fresh Cilantro
  • 1 cup of Ice

add the following to a blender in this order
Ice,Carrots,Cilantro,Mango,Avocado,  Blend on pulse till smooth and let settle and Blend for 60 seconds to bring it altogether.

This drink packs a cool punch of nutrients as well as containing  a few calories  no cholesterol is low in carbs and low if any in sodium.

The Carrots: add a sweetness and are loaded with fiber.
Fresh Cilantro: Add a bold bast of flair and freshness with a hint of citrus, it also  is loaded with medicinal enzymes that balance sugar levels.
Avocado: The are loaded with vitamins and minerals; Vitamins K, E, C,  B5, B6,potassium, Magnesium, Manganese, Folate,  and lower values of Zinc, Phosphorous, and vitamins A B1,B2, B3 . This will bring the drink all together and with an added smoothness/silkiness for great flavor and an abundance of good healthy.

Mangos: The mangos are loaded with nutritional support as well packing almost a full spectrum of vitamin B’s , Vitamin C, Vitamin A, a healthy level of probiotic fiber, potassium, magnesium, copper,

This drink will help with:

  • Fighting Cancer, 
  • Aiding in healthy vision, 
  • balance sugar levels(diabetes), 
  • Maintaining healthy Cholesterol levels, 
  • Healthy for skin, 
  • Alkalizes the body, and 
  • Weight loss.

Note: You can also add 1/2 inch piece of fresh Ginger Root to spice it up and afdd anti inflammatory properties. Ginger will also aid in stimulating a healthy blood flow.

A Summer Salsa/Cooler Recipe that is healthy and refreshing

A  Herbal Summer Salsa/Cooler Recipe that is healthy and refreshing

Fresh tomatoes are very refreshing all year long. Particularly when cool This very simple recipe is fun easy and inexpensive and packs medicinal properties as well.
You can even take this recipe and run it through a juicer or blender for a powerful cold tonic.


  • 4 fresh beaf stake tomatoes diced
  • 1/2 teaspoon of thyme powdered in a coffee grinder or herb mill as long as they are small.
  • 1/2 teaspoon of minced garlic
  • 1/2 sweet yellow onion diced
  • 4 sprigs of fresh cilantro

Directions: Add all ingredients together and mix with a pairs or clean hands or a wooden spoon.  you can  use right away but the longer it sits the better the flavors taste (this is known as a propagation period)
Note: adding a 1/2 cup of ice to this and ran through a blender makes a very refreshing Summer cooler for those night tiki parties or hot humid days as well as general barbecues.

Secondly, making this cooler during the winter months and heating it up in a saucepan makes an incredible soup bringing the summer right into the winter. also add more fresh cilantro and watch your mood changes from the gloominess of winter to a bright happy day of a new spring.

  • Tomatoes, are loaded with vitamin C
  • Thyme, has antibiotic properties and adds boldness and a fresh flavor to your salsa/ cooler.
  • Garlic, Is a powerful antibiotic but to adds a summer flavor to your salsa and cooler.
  • Onions, add a nice smooth sweetness and is has  powerful antioxidants for the respiratory system. (both nasal and bronchial)
  • Fresh Cilantro, is very good for the blood and adds a bold freshness to the overall recipe with a very slight citrusy (lemon like flavor) it also aids in balancing blood sugar levels.