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Medicine In The Event Of A Disaster - The Impact Of The Loss Of Pharmaceuticals

Medicine In The Event Of A Disaster - 
"The Impact Of The Loss Of Pharmaceuticals"

In the event of a disaster, the loss of modern medicines and the pharmaceutical industries is something that worries a lot of people. They may well be right to be worried, as the loss of medical facilities would quite literally deal a death-blow to many suffering individuals. A lack of vaccines would also be a problem – although probably not for a few years. However, it’s not all bad news. Surprisingly, the loss of chemical-based pharma may actually benefit the world in some ways. Here is a brief look at the problems which may arise without pharmaceutical companies, and some of the benefits.
One of the most problematic effects of a loss of modern pharma is undoubtedly a loss of vaccines. Vaccines have rendered much of humanity safe from diseases which used to routinely wipe thousands of us out each year. It is estimated [1] that vaccines have saved 732,000 children’s lives since 1994. Vaccines have effectively wiped out deadly diseases like polio, smallpox, and measles. Moreover, they’re not just good for the vaccinated individual. Modern humanity relies upon something called ‘herd immunity’, which is very roughly explained as the protective effect which vaccinated individuals hold over the ‘herd’ as a whole, due to their being little scope for the diseases to get a foothold in humanity – “the risk of infection among susceptible individuals in a population is reduced by the presence and proximity of immune individuals” [2]. Worryingly, the anti-vax movement has already reduced herd immunity significantly in the USA – incidences of measles, rubella and so on are up- massively in the USA compared to nations where the anti-vax movement is not quite so strong. Not everybody is able to be vaccinated, due to specific vulnerabilities they may have (an allergy to vaccines, for example, or a weakened immune system). Therefore, not vaccinating your child puts not only your own child at risk, but all of these other people as well. A recent outbreak of measles at Disneyland has been comprehensively linked to “a decline in child vaccinations” [3] - a worrying development.
Not All Bad News
The loss of vaccines would, therefore, be a major problem, which would undoubtedly cut swathes through the human population. However, assuming that the population were reduced considerably in the event of an emergency (a gloomy prediction, but potentially accurate), those who survived could take some comfort. While these diseases would still be present, they would find it far less easy to spread and mutate amongst a smaller, less urbanised population. Furthermore, survivors would undoubtedly have gained a strengthened immune system during the survival process, which would stand them in good stead from an evolutionary point of view. Finally, those with a good working knowledge of herbs, herbal medicine, and nutrition would have far better immune systems to protect them against these diseases, and would be far better prepared to treat them in the event that they did occur.
The Environment
On a more positive note, surprisingly, when it comes to general health, the loss of the pharmaceutical industry might actually be a good thing. Modern society, you see, is addicted to pills in a shockingly addicted to pills – and all those pills which we pop have a definite effect on the environment. Pharmaceutical pollution is a serious ecological issue. As humans have to live in the environment, it’s also a human health issue. Not only do pharmaceuticals like steroids often end up in human drinking water after being excreted, they frequently end up being consumed by animals, including livestock. Humans then consume the animals, thus also consuming all of the pharmaceuticals that these animals have drunk in. Obviously this is not ideal – pharmaceuticals should, ideally, be used as a last resort when nothing else will work. Putting alien chemicals into your body when you don’t need them for vaccination or healing purposes is always a bad idea. The loss of the pharmaceutical companies would undoubtedly ensure that the things we eat and drink are to some degree more natural and healthier.
Pain is an absolutely crippling problem for many of us, which absolutely needs to be dealt with in the most effective way possible. However, far too many of us rely on chemical painkillers to deal with the slightest of maladies. Harvard School of Medicine point out that prescriptions for opioid painkillers have increased “tenfold since 1990” [4]. Britain’s BBC reports with some bemusement that Americans consume 80% of the world’s opioid painkillers, and pop heavy-duty pills for something as simple (and transient) as a stress headache. More worryingly, opioids are highly addictive. It is estimated that the vast majority of opioid overdoses in the US come not from heroin, but from prescription painkillers. Furthermore, some are led through painkillers down a path which leads to illegal substances. CNN report that “Today’s typical heroin addict starts at 23, is more likely to live in the affluent suburbs, and was likely unwittingly led to heroin through painkillers prescribed by his or her doctor” [5]. Far better to choose a more natural method of pain relief for minor aches. There are plenty of herbs which work as natural painkillers – a quick perusal through this blog will provide ample options – and they’re all a lot better for you than pharmaceuticals!
[1] Bahar Gholipour, "Vaccination Has Saved 732,000 Children's Lives Since 1994", LiveScience, April 2014
[2] Paul Fine, Ken Eames, David L Heymann, "'Herd Immunity': A Rough Guide", Journal of Clinical Infectious Diseases, 2011
[4] Harvard School Of Medicine, "Painkillers fuel growth in drug addiction", 2011

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Preparing for a seasonal change juicing for a healthier you”

Preparing for a seasonal change juicing for a healthier you”

“Weeds, Herbs, Vegetables, and Fruits that bring a new hope”

All Through a simple, fun, and inexpensive process called … “JUICING”

Target: Immune System
Survival: nutritional food and medicine

Juicing with organic fruits, vegetables, weeds and herbs are a powerful means of nutritional support. This type of nutritional support is in no way artificial but pure, thus extracting the raw elements from the juicing process. You will also experience a whole new flavor, in your taste and desires for processed foods.  In addition to a whole new healthier you and the combination(s) of herbs, weeds, vegetables, and fruits that you used bring a whole new hope to you. Those who may have experienced anxiety and or panic attacks will notice they will begin to diminish thus balancing the bodies natural chemical makeup while naturally detaining all the toxins and neurotoxins that are used in low quality fillers for pharmaceuticals and over the counter meds as well as those cheap China made herbal supplements that are trying to infiltrate the good herbs these supplements usually found at gas stations in quick paks do more damage than good the shock the targeted main system causing a temporary fix but leaving a damaged and weakened main system in tact. 

Your Metabolism:
When You Juice with natural organic herbs, weeds, vegetables and or fruits the enzymes a raw clean and unsynthesized.  Also your metabolism works much more efficient. This is due to a higher absorption rate because now your PH levels become more in –check (balanced). Your cravings for junk foods diminish to null. And now your system carries less stress on the immune and main systems.

Natures Raw Supplement:
Here juicing with Organic Weeds, Herbs, Vegetables, and Fruits we can now supplement any deficiency(s) present in our body, e.g. iron deficiencies’ can be supplemented by juicing a combination of vegetables. Maintaining proper hydration can be supplemented by juicing a single fruit. Arthritic pain and inflammation can be supplemented from juicing a combination of vegetables, fruits and a raw herbal root,  and the list goes on .

But why does it actually work?
Nutritional supplementation(s) hedges on the Ph levels, which partially controls the metabolism functionality. E.G. the more balanced your PH level is the more optimal your metabolism with function all through vitamin, mineral, amino acid and nutrients’ all individually and or collectively being absorbed at the proper time!

With a good Juice Recipe one can even safely loose weight.  I will not go into this topic because I am writing a full post dedicated to “Juicing for weight loss.  But in short even in this topic a metabolism that is functioning optimally it crucial for the fat to transition to muscle and to burn up efficiently during an exercise or daily activities..

Some Good Juice Recipes to get an understanding and started

An  everyday health Juice:
Carrot, Apple, Celery, Ginger Juice
4 carrots 2 stalks of celery, 2 red delicious apples 1 inch piece of fresh Ginger Root.
This Juice provide a great Pick me upper effect while the anti-inflammatory properties in the fresh ginger root will help with joint and muscle soreness’. The pectin in the apples help in many ways to support and maintain a healthy immune system as well as having anti-viral properties. The celery helps replace and balance the electrolytes by replenishing the sodium to a safe level and creating a well balance of distribution of all the nutrients from all the nutritional effect of this juice/tonic. The carrots provide provitamin A  (beta Carotene), iron, vitamin c, b complex besides minerals sodium, calcium, phosphorus. And are easy to digest

A Detoxifying Lung Tonic:
4 carrots,  handful of chicory, 4 sprigs of parsley, 4 sprigs of watercress 4 sprigs of cilantro, ¼ wedge of an Idaho potato. All these ingredients combined will help detoxifying the lungs from pollutants you breathe in during the day. Particularly the parsley,  watercress and especially the chicory.

A powerhouse of a liver Tonic: 5 carrots, a handful of parsley, 5 sprigs of cilantro, 2 stalks of celery, one inch knob of fresh turmeric root.2 red delicious apples, ¼ wedge of a beet with greens.

Here are some more basic but very healthy recipes for you to try.

Ginger Zinger: Apples 1, Carrots 2, Celery 1, Fresh Ginger Root 1 inch piece
Veggie Tonic: Carrots 3Celery 1 Stalk, Parsley 1 Handful, Garlic, Clove, 1
Green Drink: Apple 1,Carrots3,Parsley 1 Handful, Spinach 3 Leaves
Citrus Tonic: Grapes 1 Bunch, Apples 3, Lemon 1/4 (W/O peel)
Red Eye: Carrots 3Beets ½ , Garlic  Clove 1, Ginger 1 inch, Scallions 2
Citrus Punch:Strawberries  1/8 cup, Pineapple  1/8 cup, Orange  1/8 cup
Blueberry1/2 cup, Apples 3
Liver Cleanse: Apples 2, Grapefruit 1/4 (W/O peel)Grapes 1 Small Bunch
Lemon 1/4 (W/O peel),Beets  1/2
Tomato Surprise: Tomato,1 Large Carrots 2, Celery, 1 Stalk, Cucumber1/2
Spinach 3 Leaves
Rise and Shine: Carrots 4, Oranges 2
Morning Bliss Carrots, 2, Celery, 1 StalkBeets1/2, Parsley, 1 Handful, Lemon 1/4 (W/O peel)
A New BeginningApple 1Celery 1 Stalk,  Ginger1 inch, Parsley 1 Handful, Lemon 1/4 (W/O peel)
Strawberry Fields Forever:Apple 2, Carrots 2,  Strawberries 8

Very Berry: Blueberries 1 cup, Raspberries  1/8cup, Blackberries 1/8 cup Strawberries 1/8 cup, Apples 2

Juicing with Weeds
This herb has diuretic properties which will flush the kidneys and become your livers best friend
Dandelions are powerful blood purifiers and with detoxify all the lower organs and lungs  slowly and safely They also provide an abundance of vitamins and minerals, Vitamin C,  beta carotene which converts to vitamin A, Magnesium with trace minerals of Calcium, manganese, zinc and phosphorus.
Here is a healthy daily tonic that will pick you up fast.

4 Carrots, 10 sprigs of parsley, 5 sprigs of cilantro, and 4 sprigs of thyme. 2 red delicious apples and ¼ of a beet with greens.

Nutritional foods and Super foods for Preppers

Nutritional foods and Super foods  for Preppers

Target: Nutrition
Survival: Food

"Read our other posts on "
Bee Pollen
Slippery Elm Bark

“Nutritional Foods”

These foods provide an abundance of minerals,vitamins and amino acids vital to all the main systems. This is always crucial during a 
bug out situation. added stress' can effect your way of thinking rationally and realistically. 

1. Central Nervous System Foods:
Yellow Corn has all the minerals and Vitamins to retain a healthy Central Nervous System. Such as Vitamin A, K, Magnesium. Manganese, B6, B12
Peanut Butter:
Spinach: A great Source of IRON Vitamins C,A,K,E, Panthothenic Acid, B1,B2,B6,
Celery: a Natural Recovery drink ( celery juice) VERY POWERFUL. Will recover lost sodium levels naturally and safely.
Red Kidney Beans: Iron, Calcium, Vitamin C
Sweet Potatoes and Yams: High in Potassium, Magnesium, Manganese, vitamins A,K,E, B1, B6, Niacin, and more

2. Circulatory System Foods:
Beets: Vitamins A, C, K, E, B1, B6,Niacin,
Broccoli , Bell Peppers and eggplant with help maintain healthy vascular walls.
Pees: Vitamins A, C, K, E, Niacin, Folate, Vitamin B1, B2, B6, Panthothenic Acid
Carrots: Vitamins A, C,K,E, B1,B2,Folate, Niacin, 
Asparagus Vitamins A, K, C, E, B1,B2, B6, Folate,Panthothenic Acid

3. Respiratory System Foods:
Onions, Garlic, Pumpkin, Butternut squash, Acorn squash, Figs, Black currants, Pineapple, Apples, Yams,Honey, Hazelnuts, Almonds, Dates,Yellow and Green Bell Peppers, green Chile peppers, Brussel sprouts, tomatoes snow Peas, mustard greens,Mushrooms Pomegranates, Red Cabbage

Herbal and Nutritional  Superfood's (Se our post on super foods)
Spirulina: Vitamins A, C, K, E, Niacin, B1, B2, B6, Folate, Panthothenic Acid, 
Slippery Elm Bark ( Se our post on slippery elm bark)
Bee Pollen ( see our be pollen post)

Herbs for Congestion

Herbs For  Congestion:

Target: Respiratory System
Category: Medicine

Excessive Mucus/phlegm  cause excessive stress on the respiratory system as well as the Central Nervous System.  Excessive mucus build up excretes through an airway passage/opening(s) causing irritation to both nasal and bronchial passageways . Excessive amounts of phlegm or mucus can trigger a bronchial spasm which in tern causes more irritation. The first thing we have to do is determine what is the cause of the Congestion (cold, Flu, Allergies etc) ?

If congestion is caused by allergens then histamines may of been released by pollen or a food or dairy enzyme.  if this is the case we need a herb with anti-histamine properties, and for this particular scenario Licorice Root would be the Herb of Choice taken as a tea. But this herb can effect blood pressure levels if you have a blood pressure problem do not use this herb.

If Congestion is caused by excessive coughing  then their may be a bronchial spasm present, In this case we need a herb with antispasmodic properties; Cayenne tincture is a wonder of an antispasmodic but just 1/4 to 1/2 of a drop of tincture on the tongue or 1 drop of tincture  in 6 ounces of warm water.

These are herbs that will expell mucus and or phlegm and these herbs must to be used carefully such as anise seed is a powerful expectorant and if taken before you go to bed you will be up all night bringing up mucus and or phlegm  The best way to take this is in a tea form as the heat will aid in breaking up the large amounts of phlegm into smaller quantities to be expelled. When broken up in smaller amounts there is an unlikely hood of a bronchial spasm to become present.

A few Good Expectorant Herbs are but not limited to: 

  • Anise
  • Peppermint
  • horehound
  • mullein
  • wild cherry
  • licorice
  • elecampane

Demuculant: These are herbs that aid the mucus membrane with a soothing effect by softening the mucus membrane. As they soften the mucus membrane it begging the healing process.

A few Good Demuculant herbs:

  • Licorice:
  • Slippery Elm Bark
  • Marshmallow Root
  • Mullein
  • Irish Moss
  • Comfrey
  • Cornsilk
  • Flaxseed

A Powerful Lung Tonic:

  • 1/2 ounce Comfrey root
  • 1/2 ounce Horehound
  • 1/2 ounce Elecampane root
  • 1/2 ounce Ground Ivy
  • 1/2 ounce of Ginger Root
  • 1/2 ounce Cayenne
  • 1 1/2 lbs of raw wildflower honey

simmer the first four herbs in 3 pints of water for 25 minutes strain over the ground ivy and cayenne  add the honey while hot. allow to cool and bottle.

Dosage: “Adults” 1-2 tablespoons every 2 hours.

Recipe #2
Another Powerful Healing Tonic:

  • 1 ounce of Horehound
  • 1 ounce of Mullein
  • 2 ounces of Licorice Root
  • 1/2 ounce ground ivy

bring 16 ounces of water to a hard boil
add all herbs lower heat to a low simmer
simmer for 15 minutes
let cool and bottle
Dosage: “Adults”6 ounces 2 times daily

A  SYRUP recipe to sooth a sore throat:

  • 1 ounce licorice root
  • 1 ounce marshmallow root
  • 1 ounce wild cherry bark
  • 1 pint raw wildflower honey
  • 1 1/2 pints of distilled water


Bring distilled water to a boil  add honey lower to a low simmer for 20 minutes Remove any scum
Add herbs  keep on a low simmer for 20 additional minutes
Remove from heat and let cool strain and bottle and keep in a cool place
Dosage: “Adults” 1 tablespoon as needed.

Natural Remedies for Healing the Effects of Addiction

Natural Remedies for Healing the Effects of Addiction

There are effective herbal remedies for all sorts of injuries and illnesses, but there are some conditions that most people tend to forget about: things like addiction and mental illness, for example, are often overlooked. In terms of addiction to substances like alcohol, prescription medications, and illicit drugs, there are some ways that herbal preparations and other natural remedies can be used to ease the pain that comes with withdrawal and recovery. There are several herbal preparations that make good additions to the herbal first aid kit, for this reason as well as other benefits.
Drug and alcohol addiction can have dangerous consequences in any society, but if the Event happens the results are potentially even more dire: no cushy rehabs to fall back on, and the likelihood is that the availability of prescription medicines that help with recovery from substance abuse will reduce as time goes by. Most important of all, someone who's affected by addiction is likely to have a reduced ability to survive in the aftermath of a serious disaster situation, not only because of the addiction itself, but because of the debilitating effects of addictive substances, including loss of mental alertness, and reduction in physical fitness. If someone you know right now has been affected by substance abuse problems in the past—or if it's something you yourself have struggled with—it's important to know how to deal with such problems naturally, without the use of prescription medicines and other artificial aids that are currently in common use.
Healing Herbs and Spices

  • Burdock Root: supports the health of both the kidneys and the liver, and also helps improve digestion. It's also a mild diuretic, so using this may require drinking extra water stay properly hydrated.This herb is also a patent detox and blood purifier.
  • Dandelion: helps to improve spleen function, so it's good for immune system support and red blood cell health. As well as this, it's good for the kidneys and liver.This herb will also detox these organ as well as act as a blood purifier
  • Echinacea, Garlic, and Ginsengare all good for bolstering the immune system; the physical effects of substance abuse, even in the short term, include physical deterioration that can impair the immune system; daily echinacea and garlic helps repair this damage.
  • Ginseng:—as well as cinnamon—also helps to stabilize blood sugar.
  • Ginger: is excellent for nausea, so it's great for people who are having a difficult time when withdrawing from physical addiction, as nausea and vomiting are common symptoms at this stage.
  • Hawthorn berries: help support heart function, so they can be useful for people who have been affected by chemical dependency.
  • Milk Thistle: helps to heal the liver, an organ that often takes a great deal of damage in someone who's suffering from an addiction. Milk thistle can cause diarrhea, so it's best to start with very small doses and gradually increase the amount taken.
  • Passionflower: can be taken for easing symptoms of stress and anxiety, and can also help treat insomnia.
  • Skullcap and Valerian: are both useful for easing insomnia, but skullcap. both these herbs are assist when there is a need to diminish withdrawal effects.
  • St. John's Wort: can effectively treat mild depression, so it's a good one for people who are suffering from the psychological effects of withdrawal, which do often include depressive symptoms


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Written by Anne Golden