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Good Morning and Happy Monday From the "Herbal Survivalist"

Good morning Everyone and.... Happy Monday,

                                                                                                                                                                                                     I just wanted to stop by and say hello and wish everybody a Happy Monday, I hope you and all your families had a safe, prosperous and blessed weekend. I would like to also  ask you all if there are any new Natural herbal topics you would like to learn about or se on the Blog. I would like to start to be more specific to your individual needs.

Secondly, To the young lady who commented about the homemade household natural products recipes I will be getting more of them up this week. in addition to my regular posts. Finally, Your specific needs will not conflict with my regular posts because now more than ever there is a need to become independent and take full control of our lives without being dependent on our Govt. and its controlled resources.  I am still working on a herbal nutrition bar recipe. made with organic herbs and honey and molasses and other good stuff as well as a nutritional snack bite. As soon as the recipes     are finalized I will post them with any notes

Please Note all or most of the posts I put up I personally have used and or use on a regular basis. Also I am looking to network with a few traditional Homesteader Blogs or groups I know allot about this area as well but I am putting my focus on Traditional Herbal Medicinal and Nutrition But in between put some other recipes up until I network with a few other blogs But also there are 2 very good blogs I am currently networking with. I.n.c.h. Survival and Survival Sherpa two very good and thorough Survival Sites with allot of learning for the whole family with other resources as well.
You all have a Blessed Day and always know I am hear for you all "Unconditionally"

God Bless,

A New Begining
Celery !1 Stalk
Ginger! 1 inch
Parsley! 1 Handful
Lemon! 1/4 (W/O peel)
Strawberry Fields Forever
Carrots! 2

Herbal Laundry Detergent Recipe

Homemade Borax-Free Laundry Detergent with price and product comparisons.

Laundry detergent plays a very large role in daily life.  With 3 active, free-range kids I am doing laundry daily and I require a good soap that will remove dirt and stains effectively.
Commercial laundry detergent, however, contains many irritating, and potentially toxic ingredients.  One of the best-working, most common detergents available is TIDE and even the “free and clear” variety still contains dangerous chemicals that aren’t labelled.  Lori at Groovy Green Livin is leading a campaign to convince TIDE to remove these toxins from their “safe” products.
…it turns out that Tide Free & Gentle® isn’t so gentle. A report recently released by Women’s Voices for Earth, Dirty Secrets: What’s Hiding in Your Cleaning Products?found high levels of the cancer-causing chemical 1,4-dioxane in the detergent. 1,4-dioxane doesn’t appear on the product label or on the product website, so consumers have no way of knowing it’s even there.
This is especially concerning, because Tide Free & Gentle® is marketed to moms as a healthier choice for their children’s laundry. Infants and children are more vulnerable to chemical exposures, because their immune, neurological, and hormone systems are still developing.
1,4-dioxane is a known cancer-causing chemical, and has been linked in animal studies to increased risk of breast cancer.

These days I feel more and more like I can’t trust ANY company to tell me the truth about the ingredients in their products, and so I have been searching for a safe, homemade laundry soap recipe where I will at least know what is in the product.  I found many recipes that used borax, but am uncomfortable with borax ever since reading that borax, though natural, is toxic in large amounts, can be a skin irritant, and may not be as safe as people originally thought.
My search then changed to a borax-free recipe search.  I came across a few, but while searching I also came across some ingredients that will aid in the cleaning process.  By combining a number of recipes and adding ingredients I came up with my own recipe.
Brand Comparison:
I tested my recipe by badly staining 3 pieces of clean white cotton with ketchup, blueberry jam, olive oil and dirt.

I labelled each one and let the stains set for 24 hours.  Then I washed each piece separately in my front loading HE washing machine on “heavy duty” cycle.  I washed one with original TIDE, with an assortment of clean rags.  I washed the second one with SOAP NUTS, same setting, same rags.  And finally, I washed the third one with my own laundry soap recipe on the same setting and with the same rags.  My results demonstrated that the SOAP NUTS did not clean very well in comparison ot the other 2 cleaners.

TIDE appeared to remove a bit more of the ketchup but my detergent appeared to remove the blueberry jam stain better.  Both appeared to remove the dirt and oil equally well.  While I wasn’t expecting it, I was thrilled to find that my soap was actually competing on a level with TIDE without the dangerous chemicals!  The laundry washed with my soap smelled fresh, clean and fragrance-free.
Cost Comparison
Tide Free and Clear costs $8.99 for 40 loads ($0.22 per load) at my local London Drugs and grocery stores.  My recipe, according to my calculations with prices based on where I purchase my ingredients (some ingredients could likely be cheaper elsewhere) is $2.24 – $4.47 for 25 loads ($0.09 to $0.18 per load). The range is based on whether or not you use 1 or 2 tbsp. per load.
Cost comparison based on the following prices:
5 lb. citric acid $20
5lb. baking soda $11.75
5 lb. coarse salt $15
5 lb. washing soda $5.
Pure glycerin bar soap: $2
Purpose for ingredients:
glycerin soap: cleanser
washing soda: cleanser and water softener
baking soda: stain remover and odor remover
citric acid: water softener and color brightener
coarse salt: color stabilizer (helps prevent fading) and fabric softener.
Citric acid, coarse sea salt and baking soda can be purchased in bulk at Mountain Rose Herbs. Alternatively you can often find citric acid at home brewing stores or health stores.
Recipe for Borax-Free Laundry Detergent:
1 bar glycerin soap, grated finely
1 c. washing soda
1/2 c. baking soda
1/2 c. citric acid
1/4 c. coarse salt
  1. Finely grate 1 bar of pure, unscented glycerine soap
  2. Add last 4 ingredients
  3. Mix thoroughly
  4. Place a desiccant in jar to prevent clumping.
  5. Store in airtight container
  6. Add 1-2 tbsp. detergent to machine for clean, safe, fresh laundry!
Addition: Creating a disinfectant Laundry Detergent:

Take 1 pint of distilled water,  2 tablespoons of dried thyme and 2 tablespoons of Lavender flowers and simmer them on low for 4-5mins. let cool, take thyme and lavender flowers in a cheesecloth or old undershirt and press all liquid from the lavender and thyme back into the pint jar with rest of water add this to your  load of cloths.

1. The Thyme acts as a natural anti-septic and will kill bacterias still lingering in cloths even if you boiled them.

2. The Lavender will act as a soothent to the skin for any skin sensitivities and will not only add a clean and fresh smell but will help your skin. 

I was thrilled to discover that I can make a safe, borax-free laundry detergent that cleans clothes very well.  Although somewhat cheaper than TIDE, my main satisfaction lies in the ingredients.  I KNOW what the ingredients are and I trust them to be safe to use on my family’s clothing.
  • You must use a desiccant with this detergent to prevent clumping.  Learn how to make them yourself here.
  • Can these be used on cloth diapers?  I don’t know.  Some people say that a soap of any kind will cause diapers to eventually repel liquid.  You can try it if you wish, and please let me know what conclusion you arrive at!  So what is in your detergent that is actually cleaning your diapers?  That’s just it!  We don’t know!  With this recipe you know exactly what ingredients are being used.
  • Use 1 tbsp. for small load, and 2 tbsp. for large load.

a new recovery drink recipe

Morning Bliss

This is a powerhouse of a recovery drink
and the taste of this drink is very fresh, relaxing and it works

2 stalks of fresh celery
4 carrots fiber
2 apples pectin and has antiviral properties
1/2"piece of fresh Ginger anti inflammatory and antiviral
8 oz pure coconut water balance electrolytes and 
The Coconut water here plays an important role in balancing the electrolytes THus aiding in a Quicker, Safer, and More Efficient Recovery. 

Take all ingredients and juice in a juicer place in a glass jar and add coconut water after shake well before each use only keep for a couple of days in refrigerator. otherwise it will begin to oxidate and loose it potientals.

A few of The Best Herbal Books OUT There

Top Herbal Books I have used and or Researched
and yes in addition to 
"Herbal Survival and First Aid"

Homemade Water Purification System

A Simple Water Purification System that works!
Water purifications system are even more vital now than ever before. Having your own well, septic, and water purification is an asset because now YOU control your own water and its purification process. Look at the direction our government is headed. I ask you do you feel you can answer this with the Control word. They are all trying to control everything we do, use or need.

         Why? Think of it this way if you do not do what they want and how they want it done they can stop a vital necessity to you, your family, and even the community. but if you can make yourself Totally independent of this corrupted government you all will be fine.  They stopped the medication I have been taking for over 40 years and it controlled my seizures. Now i have only a few months supply left then that's it so then what? I have been preparing for this and I have been supplementing my meds with an alternate solution with a great degree of success. That is why I am putting up what I put up Read about me and you will understand what I really know about. But start here do it in teams forget about bickering just work together from the videos I posted and the other Notes and topics PLease Print them out in a 3 ring binder so when the net goes down you will have your local copy to work from. PLEASE!!!  and if you have any questions ASK!!! and share the answers.  POST NEW TOPICS OF INTEREST OR OF QUESTION. Remember I am not a mind reader but YES I want to help.

So start here and make this simple water purification system. AND USE IT SO THAT YOU GET ADJUSTED TO THE PROCESS. as well as all the others this way your body will already be adapter and acclimated and prepared for the change when SHTF. and let me know how you all are making out I MEAN IT I CARE ABOUT ALL OF YOU.... young and old and yes in between too.

God Bless,

Water Purification Systems made easy and inexpensive:

Natural Solutions for Sore Muscles

Natural Solutions For Muscle Pain

In addition to essential oils the body must be properly hydrated using coconut water will provide enough electrolytes to maintain a healthy hydrated system as well as supplying some vitamins and mineral support for the muscles especially, calcium, magnesium,sodium,potassium and glucose and other proteins otherwise you may get muscle pains from this and the muscle cells will not work efficiently.
All natural Solutions on this page are for EXTERNAL USE ONLY!!!
Essential oils for muscles with inflammation

if you have exercised or pushed yourself and strained a muscle it may become inflamed . This can cause cramping or a pulled muscle.

Some Essential Oils that are helpful are:


For Cramped or Charlie Horsed Muscles:
Increasing the circulation especially to overworked and "overstressed muscles.

Some Essential Oils that are helpful are:
Roman Chamomile
Clary Sage

For Cramped Muscles can be caused by tearing or even a slight tear, keep the area relaxed 
Some Essential Oils that are helpful are:

Black Pepper

"Herbal Liniments are also good for External use"

A real powerful liniment for soar muscles by Jethro KLOSS have help many people. his Book Back to Eden I  very highly recommend I have one for myself the herbs used MUST be organic and from a trusted source.

Here is his recipe: 

1 oz. myrrh powder
1 oz. goldenseal powder
1 oz. echinacea
1/4 oz. cayenne powder
1 pint of Rubbing alcohol


Put all ingredients in a glass jar and fill the jar with rubbing alcohol so that it covers all the herbs by at least 2 inches. Place in a dark place and shake daily.After 4 weeks strain and press  and bottle USE only EXTERNALLY. you can put it in a glass sprayer mister bottle that the use for perfumes Use only Sterile and Glass sprayers you can by atomizers online very inexpensively I use a place called Specialty bottle for all my glassware.

Herbal Oral Care Recipes

 "Herbal Oral Care"

 Herbal Mouthwash and tooth wash for Healthy Gums

In the recipe below, peppermint and anise seed freshen breath.  Myrrh tincture/extract helps strengthen the gums, and is also antiseptic and also mildly preservative.  The tincture/extract may be made with grain alcohol (but a very small amount in the recipe) or vinegar.

     Thyme is a very powerful antiseptic and will kill those germs that other antiseptic mouth washes do and a whole lot more. Also if you have sensitive teeth or some nerve pain add 2 or 3 whole cloves in with this recipes and let sit for a few days and leave the cloves in the tea/ gargle always 
Another note adding myrrh tincture to this recipe is excellent for Gum health and bleeding gums.

Recipe #1:  Herbal antiseptic Mouth Rinse

1/2 cup distilled water
2 tsp dried peppermint
1 tsp anise seed
1/2 cup of thyme tea cooled 

Pour the hot water from the thyme tea   over the peppermint and anise seed. Cover and steep until cool. Strain and use. Store the mouthwash in a bottle and shake before using. This will keep for a week or so if stored in the refrigerator.

Recipe #2:  Herbal antiseptic tooth wash

1 cup distilled water
1 tblsp vegetable glycerin (can be purchase at most health and vitamin shops or your local pharmacy.)
1 tsp aloe vera juice (ingestible!)
6 drops peppermint essential oil
10 drops of Echinacea root tincture
2 drops of thyme essential oil

Mix the ingredients together and store in a covered container, using within a few days. Peppermint essential oil helps fight odor-causing bacteria, and aloe soothes gums

Herbs for a dry cough shorty

A Dry Cough can be from a lingering Cold or Flu or an oncoming one.

A few good Solutions are:

  • Slippery Elm Gruel
  • Marshmallow Root take 10 drops in a 6 oz. glass of warm water
  • Licorice Root take 15 drops in a 6 oz. glass of warm water do not use if you have high or low blood pressure.
  • Wild Cherry Bark take 15 drops in a 6 oz. glass of warm water
  • Thyme Tea: a natural antiseptic, also let cool and use as a gargle to

Slippery Elm Gruel Recipe:

  • 10 ounces of warm filtered water
  • 3 tablespoons of Slippery Elm Bark Powder

Mix well Drink slow ( like a watery maypo  but good and VERY NUTRITIOUS OVERALL!!!

God Bless,

Herbal Tea Trea Salve for Burns

Tea Tree Oil Salve

Want to make your own tea tree oil salve? You can make basic essential oils salves quickly and easily at home. You'll need just a few simple ingredients. this her is great for burns. 

* Olive oil
* Beeswax 1oz.
  • Tea Tree essential Oil
  • Lavender essential Oil
  • Caledula infused Oil

You'll also need
 an 8 ounce mason jar
 a medium-sized pan
 2 oz tins 
double boiler

Tea tree oil salve can be used for sore muscles, scratches, small sores, and as a lip balm. What's more, for a small amount of effort, you can save a lot of money.
Many health food stores carry small containers suitable for storing your salve, or to take it along with you. Of course, after you make your own salve, the most convenient place to keep it will be in the refrigerator into you need to refill their small salve container. 

Instructions to make your own Calendula infused Oil
You will need 
Dried or fresh Calendula flowers. se note below for other options
Olive Oil
1 qt.Glass Jar
Fill jar half way with  calendula flowers fill with olive oil so it is at least 1 inch over the top Cover and shake well let stand for a 1/2 day and add more olive oil ( dried flowers will absorb more oil than fresh flowers. Also using the cold infused method takes a bit longer but you get a better shelf life out of your oil because you are not heating it. heating it causes damages to the enzymes in the oil which cause it to go rancid some people use a vitamin E gel cap and bust it open to add the Vitamin E oil to the heated olive oil to help preserve the Olive oil. Overall Cold infusion methods are much better . It is a slower and safer extraction process, more completely over time at a slow pace and a natural process.( Molecular Binding). 

Watch the video for help on the Cold infused process.

"Making The Salve" 

You will need:
  • 1/2 cup Calendula Infused oil
  • 1 ounce bees wax
  • 2 ounce tins or glas jars
  • double boiler
  • Lavender essential Oil
  • Tea Tree Essential oil


Place one ounce of beeze wax in a double boiler and let completely melt.  add the Calendula infused oil  at this point it will solidify just keep it melting on med low never allowing it to boil and mix it occasionally well all is melted and consistant add 1 teaspoon of Tea Tree essential oil and if it solidifys again just let it melt again to a consistent melt. While still warm and work quickly if wax hardened you can place the pyrex measuring cup in a pot of boiling water to heat up the glass to melt the hardened wax without letting water get inside the pyrex measuring cup and mixing with the salve wax. Add to tins and or glass jars also adding 3 drops of lavender to each 2 oz. tin and 2drops per ounce if using a larger glass jar. e.g. baby food jar. Let cool and use or store your salve immediately.

Place 1 1/2 cups of olive oil in a double boiler heat oil up slowly on low med heat "never allow to come to a boil. You will damage the herbs healing properties. Let stay on warm low for about 1 hour stirring it occasionally after an hr. turn off heat and let oil cool strain oil into a Pyrex measuring cup then taking the soaked flowers place them in a cheese cloth and squeeze as much oil out of the flowers and into the pyrex measuring cup. This is were the good stuff come from. those soaked flowers. now you have your Herbal infused oil.

 Adding st john wort, plantain, and comfrey to the infused oil herb list will increase the healing and give your salve a bit of an antiseptic properties

  2. You can also pour the liquid into tins and quickly add a vitamin E capsule contents and about 2 drops of lavender essential oil Lavender is also good with the skin. 2 ounce tins are good starters.Then label and date the tins.
As soon as the salve is cool to the touch, it's ready to use. You'll find it handy for relieving scratches, insect bites, bee stings, itchy spots, dry skin, and lots more.Beeswax can be ordered online or can be found off at health food stores, craft stores, and through soap or candle makers. Usually it can be found for about a dollar an ounce or less if purchased in larger amounts.

Dandelion! WEED or MEDICINE?

Dandelion Weed 


Lets have some fun  fun with these Weeds or are they medicine?  try them out in a Salad with cranberries and almonds as well with a Ginger Citrus dressing.
God Bless,

Dandelion greens are a powerful medicinal herb with detoxifying properties. We may think these pesky little plants to be a nuisance but not at all not only are the flowers of a golden in color but the entire plant is gold. I mean a tremendous and beneficial plant from the root up to the flower. The can be used in tea, tonics, juices, nutritional fraps. and or even eaten raw in a salad. THe best time to harvest dandelions are in the spring when they are tender. Since they are green they have a bitter taste and it is best to juice them with another vegetable or fruit e.g. carrots, apples, pears. The golden spring flowers can be used to make a dandelion wine a very powerful health tonic. They are easy to gather and can be a fun adventurous and relaxing day doing this then going home to make a juice tonic for overall health is even more hope. Nature and natural products bring true hope to anyones existing lifestyle because there is no middleman. think of it God himself created the herbs, it is through his grace that we have the desire to learn, and it is from God that people meet and learn and help each other. So why not say Thank You God in your own way for without God all this would not be possible. Also because dandelions in the early spring especially make an excellent Spring tonic. they are capable of cleansing the system and strengthening the blood. dandelion contains as much iron as spinach and almost four times provitamin A in lettuce. It also is a great source of potassium,calcium, sodium as well as vitamin C. Dandelion Greens can also be found in some health food stores.
wash them thoroughly with a biodegradable vegetable wash and rinse with cool water place in a zip lock bag for a few days for juicing.

Drying dandelion can be also good because now you have a pure natural tea for your tea ball or infuser. you can also use the dried herb as part of a tincture recipe.

Dandelion Has been used in the following:
Age spots
Blood purifier
Liver cleanser
Low blood pressure
Weight loss
Yellow jaundice

Dandelion Tonic Recipe:

1 stalks of
celery leaves and all
2 red delicious apples
3 carrots
1/4 ' piece of Ginger
1 pear
1 radish
handfull od dandelion greens

Herbal & Nutritional Licorice Recipe

Herbal & Nutritional Licorice Recipes


This herbal licorice recipe is a great supplemental source for both medicine and nutrition, This can be achieved individually and or collectively. For example, lets say yo are not feeling well during a outdoor trip; We need to evaluate the problem at hand  Are you feeling fatigue coming on or just ill and week and sore. Well this could man our immune systems are deteriorating probably from stress of some sort on a main system or just lack of rest or nutrition level, so we need to safely replace the fatigue with energy and nutrition for lack of nutrition, and a natural medicinal solution for the aches and pains. all to create an overall healthy experiencing calmness.

But now we do not have the room to carry bottle of tinctures or herbs and or we forget our herbal first aid kit because its packed in our bug out or inch bag(s) so here it is "LICORICE" a portable health bar you can pick on throughout the day  for broader supplemental reason is needed. below is a base licorice recipe were you can supplement the herb with the nutritional or medicinal formula(s) as you need. I will also include a few example of my herbal recipes as well.

God Bless,

Base Recipe:

what you will need
1 cup molases
1/8 cup honey preferably Raw Wildflower if possible optional
 4 tablespoons of herb or herbs(in total) in powdered form
1/2-3/4 cup flour preferably fresh ground


Add 1 cup of molasses to a medium sized sauce pan. Heat over medium heat for five to 10 minutes, or until the molasses is thoroughly warmed. Heat gently, and do not allow it to boil or bubble.

Add 4 tsp. of Herb or herbal powder combination in total to the molasses. Stir well to incorporate the powder throughout the mixture.

Add ½ cup of flour to the molasses mixture, and stir in thoroughly. Continue adding flour, a few tablespoons at a time and up to 1 cup total, until a thick, workable paste is formed.

Remove the dough from the pan and place on a flat surface, such as a countertop or cutting board. Shape the licorice candy dough into several long tubes, about ½-inch in thickness and 6 inches in length.

Roll the licorice candy tubes in icing sugar and place onto a cookie sheet to dry. Wait one to two hours for the candy to harden, and then store it in a glass jar or plastic storage bag until ready to eat.

Also have some extra herbal powder handy to powder the licorices so they do not sick to everything and dry out more naturally.

Warning These are very addicting and good so you may definitely may want to consider making extras and hiding them.

I made a nutritional snack licorice out of anise and chamomile and ate nearly a whole cookie tray in just a few days. AND ENJOYED EVERY MOMENT and was very relaxed those days.

Herbal and nutritional Powder Substitutes Combinations:
Note: These are only a few to get you started 

Medicinal Licorices

Chamomile Anise: ( a great and healthy relaxing snack! 3 tablespoons of organic chamomile powder or fresh chamomile flowers ground to a powder. I use a electric coffee bean grinder. You can get these inexpensively in a super market.
Eliminate the anise seed powder if you have blood pressure problems add slippery elm bark in its place.

Sore Throat Combo: tsp of each. Licorice root, wild cherry bark, marshmallow root slippery elm bark.
The herbs wild cherry bark, Licorice root,and marshmallow root help with the soothing of the sourness and the slippery elm bark gets to the root of things by providing nutritional supplementation.

Nutritional Supplementation Licorices

Note: When using grounded bee pollen wait until step one is complete and off the stovetop and to a only warm temp. then add the bee pollen so you do not kill the important enzymes with excessive heat.

Nutritional Combo: 1 teaspoon of each  bark, bee pollen, alfalfa  2 tablespoons of  Slippery Elm Bark.

Nutrition as Food Licorices: "Survival"

These licorices provide optimal nutritional suplementation through vitamins, minerals, and through the use of supper foods. You should try hard to add the raw wildflower honey to this recipe; Simply remove 1/4 cup of molasses from the base recipe and substitute it with 1/4 cup of raw wildflower honey. What the difference especially in taste!!!

Combo #1 1 teaspoon of each  bee pollen, spiruilla,cholera, wheat grass, barley grass, slippery elm bark powder, Apple Cider Vinegar powder, Dandelion,

Cobo # 2 ( for natural energy Safely not like those booster type drinks) 
1 teaspoon of each  bee pollen, Royal Jelly, bee propolis,
2 teaspoons of each: Spirulina, Chlorella, Wheat grass, barley grass, slippery elm bark powder. Apple Cider Vinegar. Dandelion

In another post soon I will talk about nutritional survival bars made similar These bars are fun and inexpensive to make with a nutritional supplemental and survival value that blows the other stuff away. AND is 100 % pure and natural.