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Natural Solutions for Sore Muscles

Natural Solutions For Muscle Pain

In addition to essential oils the body must be properly hydrated using coconut water will provide enough electrolytes to maintain a healthy hydrated system as well as supplying some vitamins and mineral support for the muscles especially, calcium, magnesium,sodium,potassium and glucose and other proteins otherwise you may get muscle pains from this and the muscle cells will not work efficiently.
All natural Solutions on this page are for EXTERNAL USE ONLY!!!
Essential oils for muscles with inflammation

if you have exercised or pushed yourself and strained a muscle it may become inflamed . This can cause cramping or a pulled muscle.

Some Essential Oils that are helpful are:


For Cramped or Charlie Horsed Muscles:
Increasing the circulation especially to overworked and "overstressed muscles.

Some Essential Oils that are helpful are:
Roman Chamomile
Clary Sage

For Cramped Muscles can be caused by tearing or even a slight tear, keep the area relaxed 
Some Essential Oils that are helpful are:

Black Pepper

"Herbal Liniments are also good for External use"

A real powerful liniment for soar muscles by Jethro KLOSS have help many people. his Book Back to Eden I  very highly recommend I have one for myself the herbs used MUST be organic and from a trusted source.

Here is his recipe: 

1 oz. myrrh powder
1 oz. goldenseal powder
1 oz. echinacea
1/4 oz. cayenne powder
1 pint of Rubbing alcohol


Put all ingredients in a glass jar and fill the jar with rubbing alcohol so that it covers all the herbs by at least 2 inches. Place in a dark place and shake daily.After 4 weeks strain and press  and bottle USE only EXTERNALLY. you can put it in a glass sprayer mister bottle that the use for perfumes Use only Sterile and Glass sprayers you can by atomizers online very inexpensively I use a place called Specialty bottle for all my glassware.

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