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Herbal Survival and First Aid E-Book News

Herbal Survival and First Aid E-Book News!!! 

     In this book we get right to the point a short but very powerful and detailed book on prepping and Escape and Evasion Awareness'  and other information based on my recent training and my 40 years of Traditional Herbal Medicine Experience and a whole lot more. Directly tied to this blog the book is the Foundation for my blog. and although short a must have. already selling "WORLDWIDE". This book cover Natural Medicine, Tactical Ops solutions, and Nutrition in detail. Did You ever wonder what you and your family would do if they got sick or totally ran out of food? You can get the answer to that question and a whole lot more in great detail. Plus you can alway ask me any question anytime through this blog tool. Nutrition is covered in more ways than one as well as everything else.
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Topic: New E-Book Releases 

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Herbal Survival and First Aid can be search by ISBN Number 9781624889738
Officially with Amazon Bookstore Get the E-Book at Amazon
Officially with Apple Bookstore! Get Herbal Survival and First Aid on ITUNES
Officially released for Nook readers and apps at Barnes and Noble Get it for Nook at Barnes and Noble
UPDATE!!!And the book is now getting ready to sell in the new Japan Ibook store.
Our ebook has just been released with KOBO books
Visit and get the Herbal Survival and First Aid ay KOBO BOOKS

Now available on the Copia Bookstore

Now available with Gardners Book Wholesaler in Britan

You can get this E-Book in any format Apple or Android... Phone, IPOD, Laptop, Tablet or even Desktop.

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