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Building a Herbal First aid and Survival Kit

Building an effective Herbal 
First aid / Travel Kit

First determine its objective: is it an addition (secondary to a main kit or backup) what is its purpose(s) e.g.. Self defense,Nutritional first aid(nutritional supplementation), Herbal Repellent,Burns, Cuts, Bruises Scratches, Insect bites, skin irritation, other common aliment such as Kidney/Gallbladder Stones, Calmatives for Nausea. Heartburn and Reflux, Broken Bones, Sprains, Strains, Contusions, Severe Bleeding issues are a few examples. You can customize your kit(s) for your own personal, family, or groups needs 

Some components will consist but not limited to:

A GOOD pocket guide on detailed Herbal Medicine or make your own and print at staples or kinkos.

Tinctures: Herbal concentrates a bit stronger than an extract or teas and concoctions Benefit: because of its potency you only need a little and it can be taken right from the dropper.
Supplements ( capsules pre made of certain herbs) e.g. Garlic, Ginger, Willow, Slippery Elm, cholorella, spirilla to name a few

Essential Oils: these are powerful alternatives not all can be used internally. 
Peppermint:  headaches,(rubbing a bit of diluted oil on temple areas) indigestion
Thyme: Natural antiseptic good to make a gargle 
Clove: Powerful with anesthetic properties for severe tooth aches root canals
Calendula: Great for Skin irritations, rashes
Lavender: works wonders on skin and used also for insomnia only a little
Tea Tree Amazing for burn but must be diluted
Cinnamon: great for controlling sugar imbalances and natural antiseptic
Oregano: Powerful antibiotic 
Grapefruit: Powerful antibiotic anti bacterial
Bergmont: high in vitamin "C"

Herbs for Pain
Herbs that stop bleeding
 plantain pick a few leafs from the ground chew on a few leave or break them and the    broken leave leak a healing serum that clots blood quickly keep pressure on until blood clots.
Herbs for nutritional food sources
  •  Slippery Elm Bark

Herbs for Cold and flus
  • Echinacea
  • Astagulas
  • Horehound
  • Vervane
  • Chamomile

Herbs for headaches
  • White willow bark Tincture I found to work the best

Herbs for Anxiety and stress:

  • Passion flower "A POWERHOUSE" of a herb for this specifically, also good for epilepsy

Herbs for Parasite and worms:
  • Wormwood
Misc. Herbs
  • Ginger
  • Garlic 
  • Apple cider vinegar Garlic tincture (se the apple cider page for recipe and instructions)

*To expand your kit for survival Purposes you will need other item get this complete and understand its function(s) Master them all individually and collectivly

Cases you can use: Small CD cases without the pages(cd disk pages) Strong Shoe box
Ammo cans, Pencil Cases or you can make a Herbal Belt New Idea Im working on now.

Herbs for Radiation:

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