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The Power of Herbs for Preppers Series " Maintaining a healthy Respiratory System"

Powerful herbs for the respiratory system.

"It's easy as A,B,C"
The respiratory system is a vital component to all the other main systems and bodily functions. Primarily, because it is a highway for creating and delivering oxygen throughout the body but particularly through the circulatory system, then the Central nervous system, from there vitamins, mineral and amino acids attach themselves to to various molecular structures of oxogen. thus prepping them for delivery. Once delivered creating a means for proper absorption throughout the body as well as the immune system.

When a respiratory system is stressed due to an infection (bacterial or viral) it has to work harder to delivery Healthy and non contaminated oxogen throughout the body thus weakening the immune system due to the slow response to deliver healthy nutrients( vitamins, minerals and amino acids) throughout due to this we become sicker, this is due to to the fact of a week immune system ( due to the delivery of healthy nutrients throughout) now we become sicker and delivery becomes more less healthily and frequent thus fusing a more prolonged healing period or even to fall into a secondary illness from the original illness also known as “RELAPSE” 

So what do we do?
Detox: Detoxifying your system from all toxins and neuro toxin and any oxidation This can be done naturally in many ways: Kidneys, Gallbladder, Liver, Pancreas, can be detoxed slowly and powerfully with fruits and vegetables and herbs.

1. Lemons: to detox Kidneys and gallbladder of on obstructions e.g. stones and impurities.
2. Limes: Specifically will detox the kidneys from toxins and also provide a natural source of energy (to aid in the healing process overall by eliminating stress caused by the kidneys and kidney malfunction(s)
3. Chicory: will detox the lungs from any impurities and toxins overall
4. Dandelion Root: will purify the circulatory stem from any blood impurities and toxins.
5. Burdock Root: another powerhouse of a herb that will purify the blood.
6. Spinach: ( raw and organic): to provide natural chlorophyl  this will help oxygenate the circulatory system and provide newer and more abundant levels of HEALTHY oxogen for delivery throughout.
7. Wheat grass: this to will aid in oxygenating the blood with chlorophyl.
Supplements: here we now supplement the systems as an aid for any deficiencies, Here we also increase the nutrient values through ought all the main systems individually and collectively without overloading. a few good natural resources for Nutrient supplementation are

1. Bee Pollen Bee Pollen: will provide a pure and true spectrum of B complex  unlike any other form of B Complex it will deliver essential vitamins and mineral to the central nervous system through absorption into the circulatory system.
2. Spirulina:  a great source of vitamins containing A, C, K, E, Niacin, B1, B2, B6, Folate, Panthothenic Acid, 
3. Chlorella is rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, B12, C and E Minerals and more.
4. Slippery Elm Bark
5. Dandelion another great source of vitamins A,C  and minerals Calcium and traces of Magnesium.
6. Beets Vitamins A, C, K, E, B1, B6,Niacin 
7. Spinach: Rich in iron and chlorophyll and a  great Source of IRON Vitamins C,A,K,E, Panthothenic Acid, B1,B2,B6,Niacin 
8. Kale: Contain essential vitamins (A,C and K) as well as minerals like copper potassium, iron, manganese, magnesium  and the Calcium and iron are highly absorbable due to kales  low oxalate content
9. Wheat grass:  Contains vital enzymes and has remarkable similarity to our own blood. The second important nutritional aspect of chlorophyll is its remarkable similarity to hemoglobin, the compound that carries oxygen in the blood.

NOTE: Herbs or nutritional foods with vitamin C will always help maintain a healthy immune system..

Heal: The final process is to heal any damage(s). Once all the mess is cleaned up this is the time to initiate the healing process. Healing Well will mean a healthy and more easily maintained immune system. Some great herbs for this process are but not limited to:

Mullen leaf this herb help clear out any antiviral infections and mucus
Horehound will help reduce swelling in airway passages
Licorice root will begin to overall heal the respiratory system from any bacterial or viral infection however it is the Licorice root that begins the healing of the lung walls of any damage(s)

Maintain health

The Power of Herbs for Preppers Series "Wound Management"

How to stop any bleeding naturally.

Wound Management: “Bleeding Management  and Sanitizing”

There are many synthetics out there to stop bleeding but what if you run out or if it’s not available? No Worries! If you get cut and its bleeding pretty good some freshly picked and torn plantain leaves will begin the clotting process,

Secondly, 1/2 teaspoon of cayenne pepper in a 8 ounce glass of water will stop any form of bleeding both internally or externally.

Sanitizing the wound: because of its powerful infection fighting antibiotic and antiseptic properties. Using a Goldenseal tea will not only sanitize the wound but also stop the bleeding.

Vervain is another powerhouse of a herb to stop bleeding. This is a traditional herb used centuries to stop wounds from bleeding.

A few other herbs used to stop bleeding:
Comfrey, Blackberry, yellow dock, Mullen Leaf

Echinacea Tea will help fight bacterial infection simply by using the cooled tea and washing he wound then flushing it gently.

Making the washes for sanitizing and to stop bleeding.

Echinacea:  (Root) Use 2 tablespoons of dried herb and place in boiling water lower heat to a light simmer thus making sure it never comes to a hard boil. simmer on low for about 30 minutes.  strain and press(this is very important because this is were all the vital enzymes needed reside always put a great effort in pressing your herbs and it will pay off two fold. Let your concoction cool and bottle and use as needed Ue as a primary antibacterial wash.

Golden Seal: Use (ROOT) 1 teaspoons of dried herb and place in boiling water lower heat to a light simmer thus making sure it never comes to a hard boil. simmer on low for about 30 minutes.  strain and press(this is very important because this is were all the vital enzymes needed reside always put a great effort in pressing your herbs and it will pay off two fold. Let your concoction cool and bottle and use as needed Ue as a primary antiseptic wash.

Making a Wound Poultice to stop bleeding and keep wound sanitized.

Take tour sanitized tea (cooled) and take a sterile gauze roll an soak it completely in your Cooled Concoction. Secondly,sprinkle some cayenne  powder ,Mullen leaf and Comfey leaf.on the wound and wrap with the soaked gauze roll thus applying slight to medium pressure to the wound but not to much as to cut off circulation.

The cayenne powder will stop the bleeding, the mullein will help stop bleeding as well as having antiviral properties and the Comfrey leaves will begin the overall healing process with minimal scaring.

For potential internal bleeding e.g. gunshot wound use 1/2 teaspoon of cayenne in 8-10 ounces of warm water.

Flushing the wound:

Very gently using distilled water or  flush the wound as clean as possible when possible. Then use the Goldenseal cooled concoction to thoroughly and gently sanitize the wound. Once complete apply poultice and change daily.

Other wounds know as irritants such as bug bite be stings a combination of echinacea and comfrey  can be made into a tea strained and pressed and one cooled can be used as a antibacterial wash and the comfrey will begin the healing process with minimal scaring.

Natural Solutions For the MERS Virus That WORK!!!

About MERS here is a natural solution that will work!!!

Remember This... "Patients" "Discipline"

First off we need to attack the respiratory infection bluntly and  initially. Once defeated. we need to replenish and maintain all main systems through a healthy  immune system by Defeating the virus, ( oil of oregano,horehound, Mullein) and then cleaning up the mess (Horehound, Licorice root) and once the mess is clean begging an OVERALL HEALING PROCESS( Licorice Root, Slippery Elm Bark) through nutritional supplementation. All will maintaining Sterility ( thieves oil ) in the environment.

IF you have any Questions Contact me via the contact form on my blog.
God Bless, "The Herbal Survivalist"

1. Oil of oregano is both antiviral and antibacterial with a ORAC value of 80k (for getting started)
2. Mullein (a powerful respiratory aid with antiviral properties.)
3. Horehound (a powerful respiratory aid.)
4. Licorice root to decongest(expectorant & demuculant) 
5. Ground Ivy ( for serious cases but not children)
6. Slippery Elm Bark (for nutritional replenishment and to aid the immune system)
7. Thieves essential oil (to sanitize the healing environment)

Part 1 Making the Concoction:
First get the diluted stench of oil of oregano in you asap 1 times daily. Second, take 2 tablespoons of Mullein leaf or flower,Horehound, and licorice root. if a very sever case also add 1 tablespoon of Ground ivy and 1 qt of distilled water 
Bring water to a herd boil add herbs them bring to a low simmer put a lid on it and let it simmer for 1 hour. Strain and press the herbs.

Part 2 Sterilizing the environment of Bacteria and Virus'
Take a non fancy vaporizer the simpler the better. and add 4 drops of thieves oil this will help sanitize the air. let this vaporizer run day and night hot or cold. 

If you do not have thieves oil hear is a recipe to blend your own

A note about thieves oil it was used with such great success to defeat the Black Plague in or around 15th century. That is how powerful this blend is. 

All oils MUST be therapeutic grade and uncut
10 drops of clove essential oil ( a powerhouse of a herb with anesthetic properties)
9 drops of lemon oil (this oil also has antihistamine properties)
5 drops of Cinnamon Bark essential oil( this has powerful antiseptic properties)
4 drops of Eucalyptus oil ( this will aid in clearing both the nasal and bronchial passages)
3. drops of rosemary essential oil (do not use if you have epilepsy)( a stimulating antiseptic)

Add 4-6 drops of this mixture to the water and mix well add a pitch of iodized salt to stimulate more steam.

A Second Variant but only for external use (in vaporizer mister(spray bottle) or diffuser.
I use this as well with GREAT SUCCESS
All oils MUST be therapeutic grade and uncut
add this to a min of one gallon of water.
4 drops of tea tree essential oil
2 drops of Cinnamon bark essential oil
3 drops of oregano oil
2 drops of thyme oil
6 drops of Peppermint essential oil

Natural Solutions for Anaphylactic

Natural Solution for Anaphylactic
This is a rare and life threatening allergic reaction. People who are more prone to this are those with extreme sensitivities to substances, such as bee stings, bites,pollens, animal dandruff, certain foods and nuts specifically nuts, dairy products.

These Certain foods and element in conjunction with the  supper sensitivity to certain allergens cause a release of histamines which release triggers which dilate the blood vessels, thus constricting the lung passageways, lowering blood pressure,and furthermore causing itchy skin, rash,bronchial spasms,swelling of the tongue or throat, and diarrhea.

Secondly, another key factor of anaphylactic is the ability to depress and manipulate the immune system with overloads of allergens. this is so because of the hypersensitivity of allergens makes the immune system work as if had a call or a load on it.

So what do we do?
Firstly, during an Anaphylactic reaction we need to stop the histamines with a antihistamine. a powerhouse of a herb for this is “Licorice Root”

Secondly, we need to address any spasms caused by the constriction of the airways,
and other effects caused by the release of histamines  to address this issue effectively we need a antispasmodic herb. Another Powerhouse of a herb with antispasmodic properties is “Cayenne”

Thirdly, we need to not only get all the main systems working normally but provide a nutritional base for nutrition for the immune system. Another Powerhouse of a herb for this task is “ Slippery Elm Bark” followed by a Cinnamon Tea/Tonic (for its antiseptic properties).

A Good Anaphylactic Recipe I came up with and use is a formulation of herbs cold infused in 100 proof Alcohol as a tincture then after pressed well stained through cayenne pepper

Anaphylactic Recipe

This recipes’ goal is to stop the release of histamines and stop any spasms. thus bringing all the main systems to a “NORM”

  • 4 parts licorice root
  • 1 part  Nettles
  • 1 part cayenne
  • 100 proof Alcohol


Take Nettles and licorice root and of the total volume add 3 parts of 100 proof high quality vodka or grain achahol  and let sit for a min. of 6 weeks shaking it each day for 2 week
after to strain and press it take another strainer lined with a coffee filter line the cayenne pepper on this filter paper evenly and then placing another filter on top of the cayenne then taking your freshly pressed tincture pour slowly and evenly through the filters when completely finish your tincture will have the effect of a antispasmodic. then bottle and use as needed. Use .20ml on tongue or in a glass of warm water.

NOTE: For EMERGENCIES if you have an attack and do not have anything with you a cup of caffeinated black coffee “NO MILK OR SUGAR” will help stop the release of histamines. Also Green tea will have a similar effect.Follow my blog with Bloglovin

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