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Dog Naturals Series "Arthritis"

 Dog Naturals Series  Part #1 "Arthritis"

Medicinal: "Pain Management"
Target: Skeletal Muscular System

As your dog ages arthritis can become a problem especially with bigger dogs. To ease their suffering(s) there are natural solutions that supplement your dogs nutritional needs overall and some that specifically target certain areas of concern. Secondly, Their are natural Solutions to provide medicinal effects to reduce swelling and inflammation of joints and the entire skeletal and muscle system and best of all many of these solutions can be purchased from your local supermarket and or health food store:
A Short List To Help Your dogs Muscular Skeletal System are:
Raw Organic Pumpkin Seeds
Organic Pumpkin Puree
White Willow bark  Tea,Concoction, Extract,
Tincture(non alcoholic extract or tinctures only) 
  • Turmeric
  • Ginger
  • Dandelion
  • Thyme

Add 2 teaspoons of herb to 8 oz. of boiling water in a cup and let sit for 30 minutes, strain and use immediately do not store.
Add 2 tablespoons of herb to 16 oz, of boiling distilled water in a saucepan  cover pan and turn down heat to a low simmer . remove saucepan from heat and  strain and press. Bottle and use refrigerate any unused in a covered CLEAN GLASS jar for up to 4 days discard after the 4 days and make a new batch.


  1. Tea/Concoction: 4 ounces once daily fed directly to dogs 60-80 lbs.
  2. Tincture/Extract:  1/2 dropper in 4 oz. of warm distilled water once daily fed directly to dogs 60-80 lbs.
  3. Powdered herb: Sprinkle 1/2 teaspoon on food once daily dogs 60-80 lbs.

Notes: If going to vet for Blood work stop using 1 week before blood test. White Willow has a aspirin/blood thinner effect and could effect the blood results.

Consult with vet before using if dog is on any other meds. Simply because it could interfere with other meds and fuse upset stomach

How to make an all natural tooth gel at home

This easy fun recipe is a powerful asset in many ways:

  • It Helps with tooth pain
  • It Helps with sensitive teeth
  • it stops the growth of plaque after 3 days of continuous use
  • it promotes helthy gumbs
  • it promotes OVERALL oral heath and hygene.

Here is how it works:
Pure undiluted Spearmint essential oil:an all natural plaque inhibitor; after only 3 days of continuous use plaque will not grow as often as you continue to brush with spearment and it keeps the ENTIRE INSIDE OF YOUR MOUTH "SQUEAKY CLEAN" literally.
Pure undiluted Clove essential oil: a natural anesthetic that provides "pain management for sensitive teeth, cavities, exposed nerves, and more severe tooth aches.
 Pure undiluted Cinnamon essential oil:a powerful antiseptic to keep the entire oral area clean and refreshed.
 Pure undiluted Thyme essential oil: provides vitamins A,K and much more for maintaining healthy and strong teeth and jaw bone.
 Pure undiluted Myrh essential oil:promotes healthy gumbs by increasing blood circulation, while moisturizing, cleansing and reparing damaged gumb mrembrane cells.
Pure Food Grade Vegetable Glycerine.: A all natural ,diabetic safe, formula base,sweetener,
  • Spearmint Essential Oil: 11 ml.
  • Clove Bud Essential Oil: 08 ml.
  • Cinamon Essential Oil: 03 drops
  • Thyme Essential Oil: 08 ml. 20 drops(01 ml.)
  • 32 oz. of pure food grade vegetable glycerine

  • Blend all essential oils together in a quart size mason jar
  • Add vegetable glycerine 
  • Cover and shake well then percuse base of mason jar about 15-20 hard times against your palm mshake well again making sure ALL ingedients are mixed well together. 
  • Let sit for one week
  • Bottle in a pump  or squeeze  bottle
  • Dosage:
Use 2times daily good for both children and adults.