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The power of Herbs for Preppers Series "Respiratory System"

The Power of Herbs for Preppers Series
 "Herbs for the Respiratory System"

The respiratory syem is a vital main system providing oxygen to the blood stream and oxygenation of the cells. Oxygen is absorbed into the bloodstream and delivered to the Centeral Nervous System( particularly the brain) This allows a regularly maintained neuroelectrical communications to the synapse by various neurotransmitters, e.g. ACH, GABA, Seritonin,Dopamine, 
Oxegenation to the human Cellular network also assures health functioning muscular skeletal system by providing heathy levels of Oxogen to the Body with Vitamins, Mineral, and Amino Acids, Oxogen also helps maintain a healthy absorption of these Vitamins, Mineral, Aminoacids, and other nutritional enzymes that are called upon regularly during our daily activities and diet.  Natural Solutions to maintain a health Respiratory system include herbs, fruits vegetables and Bee Products and juices and or tonics.
A few Potent Herbs are :
"Specific herbs for the lungs"
  • Ground Ivy ( also called Creeping Charlie)
  • Thyme
  • Dandelion
  • Horehound
  • Anise Seed
  • Spirulina
  • Chlorella
  • Lemons
  • Vervain
  • Licorice Root
  • Chickweed
  • Ginger root
  • Catnip
  • German chamomile
  • Elder
  • Eucalyptus
  • Garlic
  • Mullen
  • wild cherry bark
  • marshmallow

A Few good Fruitsand Vegetables are:

  • Lemons
  • Limes
  • Pineapples
  • Apples
  • Carrots
  • Idahoe Potato
  • Watercress
  • Chicory
  • Watermelon
  • Spinach

Lung Tonic Juice Recipe:
drink daily a 10-12  ounce glass
4 Carrots
2 stalks od celery
1/4 wedge of an Idaho potato
1/2 inch knob of ginger root
a hanhandful of Parsley
a handful of chicory
a handful of watercress
2 red delicious apples

Herbal Lung Tonic recipe
make as a tea drink daily
1 part comfrey, 
1 part black horehound
1 part cud weed
1 part ground ivy
1 part elecampane
1 part ginger root
1/2 part cayenne

A Natural Detoxifyer
2 lemons Juiced
1 lime Juiced
2 tablespoons of fresh or dried mint in a spice sac.
2 quarts of filtered water

Add all ingredients and shake well let sit for overnight Drink as needed especially good as a thirst quencher and due to it diuretic properties it will  also will increase urine flow.

The power of herbs for preppers series "TYPHOID FEVER"

The Power of herbs for Preppers “Typhoid Fever"

Typhoid fever or entertic  fever needs to be addressed as soon as possible.
This will help stop and or even slow the absorption of bacteria and or virus’ by the blood once this if this is not prevented the Centeral nervous sytms followed by the other main systems will follow thus causing death.  however, if caught in time and detoxed from the Blood and intestinal walls Kidneys’ Gaul Bladder and the Liver , Yes The liver can be effected and  create another path to contaminate the Centeral Nervous system.

Common Symptoms And Causes of This Disease 

A bacillus, Salmonella typhi, causes the disease, according to medical experts. The fever comes on gradually, which allows the victim to move about normally for some days after the onset. 

The most noticeable symptoms are headache, weariness and discomfort, and could be accompanied by insomnia and feverishness, especially at night. Initially, the patient will develop a high temperature, sore throat and fever, and would either be constipated or suffer from diarrhea. In adults suffering from typhoid, it is usually constipation while a childhood bout of typhoid usually causes diarrhea. 

In the second week of the fever, a rash develops and in the third week, the patient becomes stoic and exhausted, and could at times be delirious. This is the critical point of recovery, because if it is not treated promptly during this period, other life-threatening complications may develop as the immune system would be totally ruined. But if treatment is promptly given and successful at this point, the person will begin to recover and in all likelihood survive and will not get too many side effects or permanent damage to the system.

The bacterias causing the internal infections/Viruses’ Need to be Safely and slowly purged. Not with Emmitics( herbs that induce vomiting) but with Nutritional effect on the immune system particularly with B vitamins. (these particularly effect the Centeral Nervous System), Dierritcs(herbs that increase urine flow) Diapheritics(herbs that open pores and induce sweating) , Anti-Bacterial and Antiviral, And Nutritional Supplementation. IMPORTANT. Personal HYGENE IS VITAL DURING THIS ENTIRE PROCESS!!! read our post the vitality on personal hygiene during an economic collapse.

Herbs that can be used to treat Typhoid fever:

  • Cayenne
  • Garlic
  • Yarrow Root
  • Marshmallow Root
  • Ginger
  • Slippery Elm Bark
  • Spirulina
  • Chlorella
  • Dandelion Root
  • Burdock Root
  • Raw Domestic Bee Pollen ( CC POLLEN Company)

Detox Tonic: 
( Also read our Post on Lemons and limes for detox)

Pure Organic Lemon/Lime Juice Tonic can be used this will not only detox the lower abdominal organs, it will also provide natural energy due the the added enzymes in the fresh organic limes, also due to the vitamin C content of both the lemons and Limes will aid in enhancing and strengthening the Immune system.

The Dandelion and Burdock root will purify the blood of any toxins or neurotoxins.
Cyanne, Ginger , and Garlic are “POWERFUL” anti-viral and anti-bacterial herbs

Oil of Oregano and Thyme are to Powerful anti-viral and antibacterial herbs.
Oil of clove is so powerful it has anesthetic proper tic and may cause a numbing effect on the body when used improperly. ( this is for more severe cases)

Pure uncut essential oils must be diluted 1 drop of essential oil to one ounce of carrier oil e.g. olive,grape seed, almond, advocate,sunflower oils then perfused a min of 25 times before each use. REMBER THIS STUFF IS POTENT A LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY

Anti Viral Tonic Recipe:
1 teaspoon of fresh Garlic Juice,Lemon Juice and Raw Wildflower honey and pinch of cinnamon,

Using Teas and or Tinctures:

Cayenne 2 drops of alcohol based tincture
1 tablespoon of AppleCider/Garlic Tincture
( Read our post and watch video on Apple Cider Garlic tincture)

Add this to a 6 ounce glass of warm “DISTILLED”water 3 times daily

Add 1 eyedropper of each dandelion root and burdock root in another glass of 10 ounces of warm distilled water 2 times a day. This will also increase urine flow.

1/2 teaspoon of raw domestic bee pollen will supply the main system with a full spectrum of pure “B” complex vitamins to maintain a health Centeral Nervous System as well as Maintain a healthy immune system

Other herbs that can be used 

  • White Willow Bark; for pain and soreness’
  • Yarrow Root; Another diaphoretic to decrease fever. symptoms
  • Marshmallow Root; can be used to help sore throat symptoms

An Urgent Call!!

An Urgent 
Call !!!

The Power of Herbs for Preppers Series “Making Tinctures”

The Power of Herbs for Preppers Series 
“Making Tinctures”

A tincture is a very concentrated extract and a little goes a long way.
There are a few common ways to make a herbal medicinal tincture. There are Alcohol based tinctures, Glycerine Based Tinctures, and Acid Based Tinctures for starters.

Alcohol Based Tinctures

Alcohol Based tinctures use alcohol to extract the vital elements from a herb, Primarily anywhere from 80 proof to 190 proof grain alcohol. When you se the number next to the proof content 50% of that number is water the other 50% is food grade alcohol.
Whenever working with Roots, Barks or Seeds and some other herbs such as cayenne, valerian, skunk cabbage to list a few  it is better to use at least 100 proof to ensure a good extract of the vital element to make a good tincture. Also Alcohol tinctures
have a longer self life before they begin to loose their potency. (average 3-5 years)
Children, diabetics should be careful because of the alcohol and sugar content however if making a tea add a few drops of alcohol tincture to boiling water will evaporated the alcohol thus making it safe.

Make a simple alcohol tincture recipe:
1 part echinacea root dried ( if fresh, chop up and  double the amount)
3 parts 100 proof good quality vodka or gran alcohol.
add all ingredients to a clean glass jar and shake well for 2 weeks continuously checking there is more than enough alcohol to cover all the herb always add if necessary.
Let stand for a min of 6 weeks the longer you let it sit the more potent it will be.
Strain the herbs and alcohol into another clean glass jar.
wrap the soaked herb in a cheesecloth and place it in a potato ricer and press. ( This is were the good stuff is.
Bottle and Use  as needed per directions and dosage.

Glycerine Based Tinctures 

Glycerine Based tinctures Use a food grade vegetable glycerine mixed with distilled water This is especially good when using herbs that are bitter or have a bad after taste example, mullen, horehound, oregano, vervain to name a few.
But also Food grade vegetable glycerine is safe for children and diabetics and it will not spike the glucose levels or effect them in any other way.

Making a simple Glycerine based tincture:

1 part dandelion leaves dried ( if fresh, chop up and  double the amount)
3 parts of Vegetable glycerine (mixed with 60 percent of distilled water) This is known as the menstruum.
Add all ingredients to a clean glass jar and shake well for 2 weeks continuously checking there is more than enough glycerine  to cover all the herb always add if necessary.
Let stand for a min of 4 weeks the longer you let it sit the more potent it will be.
Strain the herbs and alcohol into another clean glass jar.
wrap the soaked herb in a cheesecloth and place it in a potato ricer and press. ( This is were the good stuff is.
Bottle and Use  as needed per directions and dosage.

Making a vegetable glycerine Mestruume: If for example you need 6 ounces to equal the 1 pat of your herb take 4 ounces of vegetable glycerin and 2 ounces of distilled water and mix well until it comes together and is clear you may want to make extra in case you have to add to your infusion. of douse you can always add strait food grade vegetable glycerine if you forgot to add the  distilled water.

Acid Tinctures:

Acid tinctures are generally made with a vinegar most people use Apple Cider Vinigar. These Tinctures are quick easy and can be very effective even for children.

2 fresh pressed garlic cloves
4 ounces of organic raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar
Add all ingredients to a clean glass jar and shake well for 1 weeks continuously checking there is more than enough Apple Cder Vinegar to cover all the herb always add if necessary.
Let stand for a min of 2weeks the longer you let it sit the more potent it will be.
Strain the herbs and alcohol into another clean glass jar.
wrap the soaked herb in a cheesecloth and place it in a potato ricer and press. ( This is were the good stuff is.

Bottle and Use  as needed per directions and dosage.

"Tinctures can be used both Internally and Externally" 

1. A good example an Alcohol based tincture of echinacea root can be used externally to treat ache

Why? simply because echinacea is a antibacterial  and ache is a bacteria…

2. A glycerine based tincture of Callendula and cinnamon can be used for eczema

Why? Calendula has powerful healing properties for the skin Cinnamon is a natural antiseptic and can re stimulate surface veins.

3. An Acid based Tincture of Echinacea, Garlic and oregano can be used to treat wound infections. scraps, abrasions, minor cuts bruises,
Why?The Pectin in the Apple Cider Vinegar has Healing Properties, Garlic is antiviral and antibacterial.

4. An alcohol tincture of thyme, mint and lemongrass used externally is good to keep bugs, mosquitoes, nats away

The power of Herbs for Preppers Series "GARLIC"

The power of herbs for Preppers Series “Garlic”

  Garlic another amazing miracle herb dating back to the time of pharaohs in Egypt. it was garlic that was given to the laborers and slaves who were building the great pyramids in order to increase their stamina and strength and protect them from diseases. dating back to 1300 bc. Garlic is to be considered a food as well as a super herb possessing  powerful antiviral properties that can obliviate most forms of viruses and drive out worms and parasites. 

Garlic is one of the earth's greatest health tonics and does indeed have scientifically proven medicinal properties. It contains a substance called Allicin, which has anti-bacterial properties that are equivalent to a weak penicillin. It is a natural antibiotic and is useful in treating everything from allergies to tonsillitis. Garlic contains many sulfur compounds which detoxify the body, boost the immune system, lower blood pressure and improve circulation. Garlic has also demonstrated anti-cancer, antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-oxidant effects.
Garlic can stimulate the production of glutathione, an amino acid which is known to be a very potent antioxidant and detoxifier and the smooth muscle relaxant adenosine, also found in the herb, will lower blood pressure.
Today people use garlic to help prevent atherosclerosis (plaque build up in the arteries causing blockage and possibly leading to heart attack or stroke), reduce colds, coughs and bronchitis.

Latin Name: **Allium sativum
**Common Names: **Allium, Garlic, Rustic Treacle, Stinking Rose
Properties: antibiotic, antibacterial, anti-fungal, antiseptic, anti-viral, expectorant, fungicide, antihistamine

Uses: Lowers blood pressure and LDL Cholesterol. Prevents atherosclerotic buildup. Lowers or helps to regulate blood sugar. Helps to prevent blood clots from forming, thus reducing the possibility of strokes and thromboses. Removes heavy metals such as lead and mercury from the body. Reduces yeast infections. Relief from rheumatism. Protects against heart disease and strokes. Wounds, ulcers, skin infections, flu, 

Garlic posses the enzyme allicin which interferes with the creation of carcinogenic nitrosamines in the stomach which makes it also good for lowering the incidence of cancer particularly in the gastrointestinal system.

Garlic is a good source of Sulphur and it possesses the Vitamins; A, C, B1 and the Minerals; Zinc, Tin, Calcium, Potassium, Aluminum, Sulphur, Selenium, and Germanium

Garlic can also be eaten raw with parsley to help eliminate the odor.
Garlic is also uses for the following:

  • Colds, Flus’ and Virus'
  • Hardening of the arteries
  • Blood Circulatory issues
  • Rheumatory arthritic Problems
  • Gout
  • Muscle pain
  • High cholesterol
  • Menstral irregularities
  • lupus
  • Snakebite
  • Water retention
  • Wound healing
  • Staphylococcus, Streptococcus. E Coli, Salmonella, Candida Albicans,Herpes and Influenza.
  • and much more..

raw 1-3 cloves daily no more than 5.  1/2 to 1 teaspoon of fresh garlic juice daily, or 1/2 to 2 teaspoons of garlic syrup daily.
A tincture of Garlic and apple cider vinegar can be taken 3 times daily (1/2 teaspoon to 6 ounces of warm filtered water.

Precautions : Garlic eaten in excess can cause anemia, may become nauseous, or get diarrhea.

Massive overdoses, more than 5 cloves a day  may cause dizziness, bloating, headache or profuse sweating and direct applications to sensitive skin may cause irritation.

Apple Cider Garlic Tincture Recipe

You will need:

2 cloves of Fresh Garlic
4 ounces of Organic Raw Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar
Clean Glass Jar

This is great for the kids especially for common colds and or flus’ or fever.

First, take 4 ounces of organic raw unfiltered apple cider Vinegar and add it to the Glass jar. 
Second, press 2 cloves of garlic in a garlic press
Add to clean glass jar and shake daily 
After 2 weeks strain in a cheesecloth and squeeze out all the concentrates from the soaked garlic( with a Potato Ricer) back into the Viniger and then put the garlic back in the Vinegar. You are done. Use as needed and safe for children dosing is above.

Making an Apple Cider Vinegar Garlic Tincture

The Power of Herbs for Preppers Series "Cayenne"

The Power of Herbs For Preppers “Cayenne”
Read Our other post on Cayenne here

Cayene is a Herb which blocks a body chemical transmission of pain impulses. It also possesses the properties of aspirin this is due the the salicylates pressent. 

Cayenne is to be said to be a miracle herb This herb has antispasmodic properties and works with many other herbs. Cayenne Tincture can also be used for emergency fist aid of a heart attack. a few drops on the patients tong will stop the heart attack. The photochemical capsaicin can be found in many peppers. a few good uses of this herb can be from Circulation issues such as arterial and vascular blockages, and it will even thin out coagulated blood build up within the entire circulatory system and increasing blood flow safely. and this is why it is also good for arthritic pains. and Neurophathy nerves pain Cayenne and Garlic are a WONDERFUL Combination for flus’ and overall health. In addition to all this it is a natural antispasmodic and will stop a spasm or convulsion before it begins. An example ow powerful this is for epilepsy is that if a combination of herbs such as Valerian, skullcap, chamomile, passionflower lemon balm, and black cohosh were pre shed then strained through cayenne pepper this would also stop a Grand Mal seizure in its tracks. These are only a few benefits of this amazing herb but they can also be used for the following but not limited to:

Other Uses:

  • Rhuematory Arthritis
  • Fever
  • Cramps
  • Muscle Pain
  • Diabetes
  • Hardening of the Arteries
  • High Cholesterol
  • High Tryglycerides
  • Strains
  • Stroke
  • Malaria
  • Headaches


 Adults 450 mg. capsule 3 times daily, 1/4 dropperful of tin cure in 6 ounces of warm filtered water you can of course eat the  organic peppers themselves or sprinkle it on your food the higher the heat content the more capsicum is present.


The worst effect is the oral inferno some others may experience. If used long term and excessive, may cause stomach, liver or kidney troubles. Also it may enhance the effects of blood pressure drugs. topically allergic reactions are rare.

The Power of Herbs Series "Licorice Root"

The power of Licorice Root:

Target: Respiratory System
Survival: Medicine

I will begin by saying that licorice root is a powerful healing herb internally as well as externally. Licorices' healing is usually  performed after an internal detox, but not necessary for the healing enzymes to work. however licorice root is also good for the respiratory system.

Other uses for Licorice Root are: bronchitis, coughing, mucus membrane inflammation, respiratory disease, stomach inflammations, ulcers.
licorice can be also used for canker sores, boils, epilepsy, earache, eye inflammation, snake bite , viral hepatitis and much more.
licorice's photo chemical components are among the best studied in all of herbal medicine. two major ingredients glycyrrhizin and glycyrrhetinic acid, but even without them the herb in the form of deglycyrrhizinated licorice , retains the healing powers of licooricone and related flavanoids.
licorice is also know will for aiding in inflammation, viral and bacterial infections, sex hormones, sugar metabolism, and also with Cayenne together will aid in the event of anaphalatic shock/attack.

Dosage: capsules 200 mg. daily, 1/2 teaspoon of liquid extract, or 1 eye dropper full of licorice tincture in a 6 ounce glass of warm filtered water. in the case of ulcers 380 mg.capsules are needed 3 times daily.

Precautions,   Do not use if pregnant or breastfeeding, or have high blood pressure,hypertension, kidney or liver problems,diabetes or heart disease.

Some other herbs that work well with 
Licorice; Cayenne, Burdock root, Dandelion root, Chamomile

Licorice Root Tea Recipe:
1 tablespoon of dried herb steeped in 10 ounces of boiling water for 5-10 minutes especially if you are using roots. strain and drink no milk or sugar.

The Power of Herbs for Preppers Series “Dandelion”

Dandelion is also another amazing herb for preppers. Firstly it is a powerful blood purifier and will also detox the body of toxins and neurotoxins. It is also considered as a herbal bitter. This herb works great with licorice root because dandelion will purify and detox and then licorice root will begin the healing process.  Dandelion contains 28 parts of sodium, the natural  nutrient salts act as a purifying agent for the blood by also neutralizing the acids in the blood.

Read our other Post "Dandelion Weed or Medicine"

Some Uses: as a blood purifier, to increase urine flow(diuretic), to help maintain a healthy liver and prevent skin diseases, scurvy, scrofula, and eczema. It is also good for kidney troubles, diabetes, dropsy or inflammation of the bowels and fever.

It is also good for the pancreas helping out with diabetic problems of the impurities within the pancreas thus aiding to maintain healthy insulin levels and production. it also increases the activity in the liver pancreas, and spleen overall, promoting bile production as another purifying agent for all the lower abdominal organs.

The Roasted roots of a fresh dandelion plant make a good substitute for coffee for Rheumatism and dyspepsia.

Dosing: adults take one capsule (500mg.) 3 times daily.

Preparations: Tea, Concoction, Tonic, Tincture, Syrup, Extract, juice

Dandelion Tea Instructions: take 1 tablespoon of dried dandelion Leaves in 8 ounces of boiling water, let steep for 4-5 minutes stain and drink no milk or sugar of any kind.

Precautions: none, however some herbalists say people with gallstones or biliary obstructions should take under a doctors supervision because the herb stimulates bile production; also a few hypersensitive people might notice some gastric upset or dermatitis.  do not eat dandelions that have been treated with herbicides.

Dandelion Juice Recipe:

1 handful of dandelion greens
½ handfull of chichory
2 red delicious apples

Instructions: Juice all greens then follow with apples seeds cores and skins drink 6 ounces 2 times a day.

The Power of Herbs Series "Verivain

The power of Herbs "Vervain"

Verivain; Another herb that no household should be without. Its many uses for common ailment are amazing and therefore an asset herb for any herbal first aid kit either for at home or on the go…

Verivain although has many uses here a some uses but not limited to:
Breast milk deficiency, coughing, dry mouth sores, inflammation, pain
Other uses include acne, anemia, arthritis, asthma,  bronchitis, bleeding, bruising, colds, cramps, dropsy, fever, fatigue, urinary tract infections whooping cough, neuroses, migraine spleen disease, sounds, and much more…

This herb has proven to tamp down inflammations as well as increase the secretion of breast milk.  This is achieved Either or both of the two phytochemical, aucubin and rosmarinic acid.
Dosage: one half to one teaspoon of liquid extract three time a day, one to 2 teaspoons of a tincture in 6 ounces of warm filtered water. or 1 teaspoon of dried herb steeped in 8 ounces of boiling water 4 times a day for 5 minutes with no milk or sugar.

Precautions: pregnant women should not use this herb  because of research demonstrating that it can trigger uterine contractions. Large doses might interfere with hormone therapy or blood pressure medications.

The Power of Herbs for Preppers Series "Horehound"

Target: Respiratory System
Survival: Medicine

The Power of Horehound for preppers

 This powerful herb has been used for over 200 years and also called "Billotta" Let me just begin by saying “No home should be without this herb" It is an amazing herb for bloating, gas, bronchitis, colds flus, indigestion, coughing, gallbladder disease, laryngitis,lack of appetite, liver disease, high blood pressure, irregular heart rhythm, diabetes and much more.

Its medicinal properties demonstrates that horehound is great for breaking up phlegm and reliving bronchial congestion.
its powerful expectorant properties allows it to break up phlegm and because of its compositions of marribunic acid it also helps stabilize the heart rhythm.

This herb works very well with Dandelion and licorice root. and the 3 combined create one powerhouse of a wallop to any respiratory infection. 

on half teaspoon of horehound syrup or liquid extract , or 2 to 6 tablespoons of fresh horehound juice or taken as a tea daily


Large amounts can have a laxative effect and may disturb a heart rhythm. the plants juice may irritate the skin of certain sensitive people.

Horehound Tea Recipe

1 tablespoon of horehound leaves
1 teaspoon of raw wildflower honey
1/4 teaspoon of pure lemon juice or raw unfiltered organic apple cider vinegar

Place herb in a tea ball or infuser and let steep in 8 ounces of hot water for 10-15 minutes. Note this is a natural litter tea both the apple cider vinegar and raw wildflower honey will help out with this.

ADD NO MILK OR SUGAR it will defeat the medicinal properties and render the tea useless!

Prepping for Infants and Babies

Prepping for Babies,Infants, 

Prepping for smaller children is a bit note tedious, It requires much more information and knowledge. If you have an infant , newborn, or young child or even a child or member with disabilities. The best way is to start with a simple notebook. Begin with any food medicine or any other allergies “BE VERY CERTAIN AND DETAILED TO THIS SPECIFICALLY.  (Then what are there nutritional needs). 2. Specialty Apparatus’ (are they portable or what will it take to make them portable) 3. Personal Hygene ( Care and cleanliness techniques in the event of product shortages) 4. Medicine ( are there any specialty medications your child is taking and what are their alternatives INCLUDING HERBAL MEDICINES) 5. Foods ( are there any special dietary needs for your child and what can you supplement as an alternative, ( incase of a food shortage) Misc. Notes: Anything else that need to be addressed for your childs overall welfare

IMUNE SYSTEM: A vital component of a newborn infant or younger child is a healthy “IMUNE SYSTEM”. although from the start a younger child’s immune system is much stronger than an older person. but it is crucial to maintain this healthy immune system. The reason for its vitality is to maintain a healthy respiratory system. Particularly within  newborns and infants. And yes, there are herbs for this e.g. Slippery elm bark powder is so safe that it can be given to an infant as a nutritional supplement , particularly mothers who are breastfeeding and if they become ill or are on medications for any reason., This can contaminate the mothers milk thus entering the infant or newborn and weakening the child’s immune system. or uneven in the event were there is a food shortage and the mother cannot produce milk or nutritional valued milk Slippery Elm will solve that problem.

Personal Hygiene: 
Another aspect to a healthy immune system is personal hygiene; this can consist of a homemade caledula oil or a goats milk bar soap to wash with. it is very gentle and safe.

Healthy Juices / Drinks: Fresh juiced juices either with a hand press or electric juicer can be used. Apple juices are especially good for a child immune system and a freshly juiced apple has anti viral properties. if a child becomes sick drinking a good supply of distilled water will flush the minerals and inorganic salts that cause sickness out of the body, when juice and other liquids are not as efficient.  Also any unsweetend organic (when possible) simply because is a good food source for organic minerals and salts from the dart that can assimilate to build the body. however whole foods are required for ruff age and bulk.

Other elements to consider to prep for babies are specialty apparatus’ and their portability e.g. wheel chairs , strollers, car seats, portable blow up cribs bumpers and wash cloths and cloth diapers. these can be reused and can be purchased at hardware stores but make sure their 100 percent cotton not the cheap china imports that have chemically spun nylon and are irritants to infants and children with sensitive skin. warm jumpsuits and fleece blankets and soft cotton bedsheets to retain body heat of child.

Foods: Baby foods when not available or you run our Slippery Elm bark gruel is a good source of overall nutrition. But one can take rehydrated freeze-dried  fruits, vegetables, meats, grind them up and then pass them threw a strainer like a sieve and this will provide the necessary roughage for your child.  using a strainer and a tablespoon worked for my mother and my grandmothers very well.  you can also use non sprayed home grown foods and vegetables.

Cold Sores: on babies not infants one can use a soaked q tip or cotton ball in a glycerin based echinacea not root or seeds  or a cooled echinacea tea and wash the cold sore area with the soaked cotton ball this is also good for tooth aches and sore gums from teething.

IMPORTANT Note: Bee products must not be given to children under the age of 2 years or less . 
Honey can contain spores of a bacterium called Clostridium botulinum, which can germinate in a baby's immature digestive system and cause infant botulism, a rare but potentially fatal illness.
These spores are usually harmless to adults and children over 1 year old, because the microorganisms normally found in the intestine keep the bacteria from growing. also the natural sugars in honey can effect the new emerging teeth in a child.

Slippery Elm Bark Gruel Recipe:
This Recipe is thick and slimy but very nutritional and safe as well as good tasting.
10 ounces of filtered water
4 tablespoons of slippery elm bark powder
Mix well if using as a solid baby food add more or less water to get the correct consistency for your childs’ needs. 
If using to replace Motherers Breast milk double the water and let sit overnight in a cool dark spot. strain and press wet slippery elm bark powder in a cheesecloth back into the water and use as needed.

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