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Ground Ivy

 Ground Ivy (Creeping Charlie)



Ground Ivy, which is also referred to as Creeping Charlie, is often viewed as a weed that must be destroyed at the earliest. However, this perennial broadleaf weed has quite a few medicinal uses. It belongs to the mint family, which might be seen often as a garden perennial, especially in the variegated form. At one time, it was used as an herbal medicine– which could be why it was exported to other nations from Europe. Today, it can be observed in many parts of the globe.
How it Helps Prevent / Treat Viral Infections?
Throughout history, it had been used as home remedies for internal cleansing. Creeping Charlie has long been used for the treatment of bronchitis, and other respiratory and lung issues. But one should not use it for respiratory disorder treatment without consulting an accredited herbalist or physician first.

Ground Ivy has been used for various respiratory tract disorders, such as for curing:

  1. Tuberculosis
  2. Pertussis
  3. Nervous coughs
  4. Bronchitis
  5. Asthma
  6. Catarrh
  7. Sinusitis
  8. Colds and coughs

It can be used to expel phlegm from the airways, and help patients breathe more easily.
What are its other Healing Properties?
This herb serves as a nervine, and can be effective for curing tension headaches.
When applied topically as home remedies, it can cure infections of the ear and nose. You can use it as a lotion to treat eczema, itchy skin, abscesses and lice. The oil infusion may be used for curing ear infections as well.
This herbal medicine is also used for curing bladder infections, and serves as a soft diuretic. You may use it for the treatment of kidney diseases, kidney stones and urinary sand, renal inflammation, bladder carcinoma and cystitis.

How Does It Work?
Ground Ivy is packed in antioxidants, which can reduce the effects of ageing and also benefit the body in many other ways. There are many therapeutic uses and benefits of the herb. It is a rich source of Vitamin C, which is necessary for a healthy immune system. A healthy immunity is essential for fighting cold viruses, as well as other types of viruses and bacteria.
The weed is also packed in essential oils like menthone and limonene, oleanolic acid, flavonoids and triterpenes like beta and alpha ursolic acids. There is Rosmarinic acid and other Polyphenolic acids, and Marrubiin – that acts as a diterpene. All these are responsible for providing the herb with its healing properties.

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