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The Health Benefits of Peppermint Tea

The Health Benefits of Peppermint Tea

Peppermint tea is made of Peppermint, a powerful herb that is popular for its health benefits and unique flavor. This is a combination of spearmint, mint and water. As compared to mints of other types, peppermint has menthone, menthol and many other compounds in it. People use dry peppermint leaves to make refreshing minty beverage that can be very satisfying, whether cold or hot. Its leaves were used in ancient days of herbalism in Greece and Rome to crown personalities. The tea made of these leaves have a natural taste, are free of caffeine and have a refreshing aroma. Find out about some of the top health benefits of this beverage. 

Boosts natural immunity 

The beverage is packed in Vitamin C. The consumption of this tea may play a big part in boosting the natural immunity, and can keep away bacteria and viruses. Vitamin C, as is well known, is important for a healthy immune system. 

Can improve the respiratory system

It can be a wonderful decongesting agent, and can clear mucus from the nasal passageways. It has been proven through studies and individual experience that the consumption of this beverage can alleviate breathing difficulties. 

Can fight free radicals 

Peppermint is found to be packed with manganese, a mineral that works like an antioxidant and can target as well as neutralize free radicals in the body. It has a wonderful role to play in promoting proper growth of bone structure. 

Regulates the mood

Peppermint tea is also a rich source of tryptophan, an amino acid that plays a big role in producing serotonin – the chemical that controls mood. This reveals why anyone who drinks a cup of tea made from this herb experiences a lift in mood immediately afterwards. 

Improves good cholesterol levels

This type of tea has omega-3 fatty acids in abundance. These fatty acids are usually present in sea-foods like salmon and mackerel, but are also there in peppermint and some other herbs. Omega-3 fatty acids are known to improve the level of the good cholesterol called HDL in the body. Thus, it is also known as one of the best substances to be found in nature for improving the condition of the heart. Drinking Peppermint tea can, thus, be good for the heart. 

Alleviates migraines 

Peppermint is famous for its healing abilities, and drinking this type of tea can provide you with relief from headache, migraines and other types of painful sensations. 

The Health Benefits of Chamomile Tea

Chamomile is a famous herb that can be used to make tea either alone or in blends. This is one of the gentlest and safest herbs out there, and has been used for hundreds of years for medicinal purposes. Grounded Chamomile flowers have been used by ancient Egyptians for alleviating skin irritations, calming nerves and fighting colds. It has also been popular with Romans, Egyptians and Greeks. Find out about some of the popular health benefits of Chamomile tea. 

Combats infections

The herb has strong antibacterial properties, and can help treat and prevent colds. It can protect the body against infection and diseases that are caused due to bacteria. The leaves and flowers of the herb have been found to increase the level of hippurate in urine. Hippurate occurs due to phenolic antioxidants decomposing, and it is associated to anti-bacterial activity in some cases. This might be the reason why it has been related to immune system improvement over a long time, and is capable of fighting infections.

Improves oral health

It can be very useful in boosting oral health. The tea can be used as a garage or mouthwash to provide tea drinkers with relief from gum and mouth infections.

Offers relief from menstrual cramps

Research has revealed that glycine levels in urine tend to rise after the consumption of Chamomile tea. The compound Glycine is known to relax muscle spasms in the body. According to scientists, having this type of tea can also alleviate menstrual cramps in women.

Improves sexual health in men

Coumarin, an anticoagulant compound that is popular for its blood-thinning ability, is present in Chamomile. Thus, Chamomile tea can improve the circulatory system and ensure better flow of blood to the male sexual organs – an important factor in attaining lasting and fast erections. Due to this reason, the herb can be regarded as effective for improving the male libido. It works like an aphrodisiac in some cases. 

Cures inflammatory conditions 

Chamomile has a type of compound known as Bisabolol, which boasts of robust anti-inflammatory properties. According to research, drinking this type of tea can reduce fever, arthritis and inflammation in test subjects. It also contains Apigenin, which is found to have anti-inflammatory properties.

Cures digestion problems

Chamomile tea also helps soothe stomach aches. It can soothe the guts, and promote better digestion – even in people who experience Irritable Bowel Syndrome or IBS. For herbalism enthusiasts, this beverage can reduce gastric acid secretion and help cure stomach aches. 

The Health Benefits of Jasmine Tea

The Health Benefits of Jasmine Tea

Jasmine Tea is generally made of green tea, with aromatic jasmine flowers used for flavoring. It has a full bodied floral smell, and its wonderful properties make it an amazing choice for herbalism enthusiasts. It has a delicious taste that makes it extremely satisfying for people who drink the tea. Find out about some of the top health benefits of this type of tea. 
Improves digestive functioning
This type of tea improves digestion. A lot of people suffer from digestive problems which can result in diarrhea and constipation. Jasmine tea can help you to bid adieu to all these problems. It can also work as an effective treatment for dysentery, piccolo, cholera and other food poisoning conditions.
Can fight cancer cells 
It is known to be very useful in reducing the number of cancer causing cells, and can act as a natural defense for the body against some types of cancers. 
Fights premature ageing
Such a tea has polyphenols which are antioxidant-rich, and have strong antiviral properties. Thus, it can delay the ageing process, and make people look vibrant and younger than they are. 
Can fight bad cholesterol problems
Regular consumption of Jasmine tea can reduce the level of bad cholesterol or LDL in the body. It can also lower the risks of hypertension (high blood pressure). 
Reduces stress issues
Jasmine flower tea can help you to get relief from stress and anxiety. It works as a powerful anti-depressant and can aid in relaxation and calming of the mind and body. It can also be useful in combating post-natal depression. It can be relaxing for the body, and provide you with relief from back and muscle pains. 
Can block bad bacteria
It can improve intestinal health by blocking bad bacterial growth. Jasmine flower also helps the body by producing good bacteria, also referred to as beneficial bacteria. 
Keeps teeth protected
Drinking Jasmine tea can keep the teeth protected from decay of dental cavities and tooth. It offers efficient oral care that is needed by the teeth. 
Reduces risks of respiratory conditions 
Jasmine flower tea helps prevent respiratory issues, such as strokes, arterial sclerosis and heart attacks. 
Boosts the immune system
The consumption of this type of tea can lower the risks of aneurism and blood clotting, and also prevent various kinds of allergies. Its intake can boost the natural immunity and free the body of various diseases and ailments. It combats viruses and bacteria that can lead to some types of disorders. 

The Health Benefits of Herbal Teas – Various Types of Herbal Tea

Whether you wish to enjoy better health, or wish to have some specific health benefits, herbal tea can be a good option for you. Herbal tea is a combination of hot water and herbs – such as Chamomile, flowers or dried fruits. It is not brewed from green or black tea leaves. It can be a great alternative in case you find plain water to be too boring and lackluster to drink. This type of tea has long been associated with relaxation and rest. Find out about the various types of herbal tea that people who love herbalism like to drink. 

Chamomile Tea

It is very powerful in the relaxation of menstrual cramps and upset stomach problems. A soothing cup of Chamomile tea can give you good sleep, ease pains and aches that are associated with menstrual cramps and more. It can put an end to insomnia problems in some people who find it difficult to sleep due to anxiety and tension. 

Green Tea

Green tea is packed with Catechins and Flavonoids, which are effective for reducing cancer risks. Flavonoids are bright plant pigments that are present in most vegetables and fresh fruits out there, and are important for processing Vitamin C. It is necessary for the preservation of the capillary walls. These can help prevent infection. 

Peppermint Tea

This type of tea can end digestive problems such as IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), one of the top discomforting health issues. Vomiting and nausea can be eased by the consumption of Peppermint tea. It can also be effectual in the control of diverticular disorders and flatulence. 

Lemon Balm Tea 

It is powerful for alleviating gastrointestinal problems and stomach disorders. It is effective for soothing the gall bladder and liver, and its benefits have been proven over the years. Lemon Balm Tea can ease stomach problems, fatigue, depression and many other discomforts like common colds and flu. 

Jasmine Tea

It is wonderful for the natural treatment of digestive issues that can result in diarrhea and constipation. It can be a powerful defense against some types of cancer. Jasmine Tea is packed in polyphenols, which have strong antiviral and antioxidant properties. Thus, it can reduce the ageing process and make a person look vibrant and younger than his or her biological age. 

Matcha Tea

It is packed with antioxidants, which can reduce the pace of ageing of the body. Matcha Tea has L-Theanine, a component that reduces the level of stress.