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Preparing for a seasonal change juicing for a healthier you”

Preparing for a seasonal change juicing for a healthier you”

“Weeds, Herbs, Vegetables, and Fruits that bring a new hope”

All Through a simple, fun, and inexpensive process called … “JUICING”

Target: Immune System
Survival: nutritional food and medicine

Juicing with organic fruits, vegetables, weeds and herbs are a powerful means of nutritional support. This type of nutritional support is in no way artificial but pure, thus extracting the raw elements from the juicing process. You will also experience a whole new flavor, in your taste and desires for processed foods.  In addition to a whole new healthier you and the combination(s) of herbs, weeds, vegetables, and fruits that you used bring a whole new hope to you. Those who may have experienced anxiety and or panic attacks will notice they will begin to diminish thus balancing the bodies natural chemical makeup while naturally detaining all the toxins and neurotoxins that are used in low quality fillers for pharmaceuticals and over the counter meds as well as those cheap China made herbal supplements that are trying to infiltrate the good herbs these supplements usually found at gas stations in quick paks do more damage than good the shock the targeted main system causing a temporary fix but leaving a damaged and weakened main system in tact. 

Your Metabolism:
When You Juice with natural organic herbs, weeds, vegetables and or fruits the enzymes a raw clean and unsynthesized.  Also your metabolism works much more efficient. This is due to a higher absorption rate because now your PH levels become more in –check (balanced). Your cravings for junk foods diminish to null. And now your system carries less stress on the immune and main systems.

Natures Raw Supplement:
Here juicing with Organic Weeds, Herbs, Vegetables, and Fruits we can now supplement any deficiency(s) present in our body, e.g. iron deficiencies’ can be supplemented by juicing a combination of vegetables. Maintaining proper hydration can be supplemented by juicing a single fruit. Arthritic pain and inflammation can be supplemented from juicing a combination of vegetables, fruits and a raw herbal root,  and the list goes on .

But why does it actually work?
Nutritional supplementation(s) hedges on the Ph levels, which partially controls the metabolism functionality. E.G. the more balanced your PH level is the more optimal your metabolism with function all through vitamin, mineral, amino acid and nutrients’ all individually and or collectively being absorbed at the proper time!

With a good Juice Recipe one can even safely loose weight.  I will not go into this topic because I am writing a full post dedicated to “Juicing for weight loss.  But in short even in this topic a metabolism that is functioning optimally it crucial for the fat to transition to muscle and to burn up efficiently during an exercise or daily activities..

Some Good Juice Recipes to get an understanding and started

An  everyday health Juice:
Carrot, Apple, Celery, Ginger Juice
4 carrots 2 stalks of celery, 2 red delicious apples 1 inch piece of fresh Ginger Root.
This Juice provide a great Pick me upper effect while the anti-inflammatory properties in the fresh ginger root will help with joint and muscle soreness’. The pectin in the apples help in many ways to support and maintain a healthy immune system as well as having anti-viral properties. The celery helps replace and balance the electrolytes by replenishing the sodium to a safe level and creating a well balance of distribution of all the nutrients from all the nutritional effect of this juice/tonic. The carrots provide provitamin A  (beta Carotene), iron, vitamin c, b complex besides minerals sodium, calcium, phosphorus. And are easy to digest

A Detoxifying Lung Tonic:
4 carrots,  handful of chicory, 4 sprigs of parsley, 4 sprigs of watercress 4 sprigs of cilantro, ¼ wedge of an Idaho potato. All these ingredients combined will help detoxifying the lungs from pollutants you breathe in during the day. Particularly the parsley,  watercress and especially the chicory.

A powerhouse of a liver Tonic: 5 carrots, a handful of parsley, 5 sprigs of cilantro, 2 stalks of celery, one inch knob of fresh turmeric root.2 red delicious apples, ¼ wedge of a beet with greens.

Here are some more basic but very healthy recipes for you to try.

Ginger Zinger: Apples 1, Carrots 2, Celery 1, Fresh Ginger Root 1 inch piece
Veggie Tonic: Carrots 3Celery 1 Stalk, Parsley 1 Handful, Garlic, Clove, 1
Green Drink: Apple 1,Carrots3,Parsley 1 Handful, Spinach 3 Leaves
Citrus Tonic: Grapes 1 Bunch, Apples 3, Lemon 1/4 (W/O peel)
Red Eye: Carrots 3Beets ½ , Garlic  Clove 1, Ginger 1 inch, Scallions 2
Citrus Punch:Strawberries  1/8 cup, Pineapple  1/8 cup, Orange  1/8 cup
Blueberry1/2 cup, Apples 3
Liver Cleanse: Apples 2, Grapefruit 1/4 (W/O peel)Grapes 1 Small Bunch
Lemon 1/4 (W/O peel),Beets  1/2
Tomato Surprise: Tomato,1 Large Carrots 2, Celery, 1 Stalk, Cucumber1/2
Spinach 3 Leaves
Rise and Shine: Carrots 4, Oranges 2
Morning Bliss Carrots, 2, Celery, 1 StalkBeets1/2, Parsley, 1 Handful, Lemon 1/4 (W/O peel)
A New BeginningApple 1Celery 1 Stalk,  Ginger1 inch, Parsley 1 Handful, Lemon 1/4 (W/O peel)
Strawberry Fields Forever:Apple 2, Carrots 2,  Strawberries 8

Very Berry: Blueberries 1 cup, Raspberries  1/8cup, Blackberries 1/8 cup Strawberries 1/8 cup, Apples 2

Juicing with Weeds
This herb has diuretic properties which will flush the kidneys and become your livers best friend
Dandelions are powerful blood purifiers and with detoxify all the lower organs and lungs  slowly and safely They also provide an abundance of vitamins and minerals, Vitamin C,  beta carotene which converts to vitamin A, Magnesium with trace minerals of Calcium, manganese, zinc and phosphorus.
Here is a healthy daily tonic that will pick you up fast.

4 Carrots, 10 sprigs of parsley, 5 sprigs of cilantro, and 4 sprigs of thyme. 2 red delicious apples and ¼ of a beet with greens.

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