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Herbs for Sunburn

"Herbs for Sunburn"

Once your skin gets sunburned the skin cells need to be repaired the best bet are the following herbs:
You can make a tea out of these herbs let the tea cool and put the liquid on the affected area with a sterol cotton ball.

Herb List:
  • Lavender
  • Calendula
  • Aloe
  • Echinacea used to diminish the destruction of collagen, the protein that keeps skin elastic.
  • Cucumber this can be directly placed on the affected area helps reduce swelling 
  • Witch Hazel a natural coolant helps calm external spasms of the skin.
  • St Johns Wort a natural antiseptic
  • Plantain This contains allantoin, a proven healer for skin cells

Sunburn Gel/ Ointment Recipe:

4 tablespoons of Pure Aloe Gel or Juice
3 teaspoons of Organic Coconut oil
3 drops of lavender essential oil
2 tablespoons of Calendula Oil.
1 teaspoon of distilled which hazel

Take all ingredients except witchhazell and mix together in a blender for a few short blasts once the constancy thickens stop blending and add which hazel and mix in by hand very well. store in a glass jar. dark Colored ( if possible) and keep Refrigerated. 

If you would like a thicker consistency melt 1 oz. of beeswax and add it after you add witch hazel then wisk in thoroughly until it gets thicker.

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