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Natural Solutions for Diabetes Part 4

Natural Solutions for Diabetes Part #4

Berberine Herbs and Diabetes

There are many natural solutions for diabetes a very powerful herb classification are “BERBERINE Herbs” mainly derived from cir cumin a few main herbs which possess berberine are (to list a few)

  • Turmeric Root
  • Ginger Root
  • Goldenseal 
  • Golden leaf
  • Barberry
  • Oregon Grape
  • Yellowroot

Berberine Herbs assist in both the creation and regulation and maintenance of Healthy Insulin. Also its natural put powerful antiseptic properties aid in the detox process to maintain a health flow of insulin . insulin contaminated with toxins produce more toxins and is marginally inceptive to the current system at hand but may not be considered diabetes but hypoglycemic effects. causing fatigue,neuropathy, joining inflammation and water retention and more so detox is vital for all forms of diabetes. ineffective production of a normal balance of “healthy “ GLUCOSE Levels will effect blood flow control thus not being able to reach to its fullest and deliver blood to nerve endings. Eventually these nerves and nerve endings will too become in a fatigued state thus not receiving proper nutrient and oxogen level . this causes spasmodic activity to occur or a like shooting sensation to occur this is know as neuropathy.


A Few Good Herbs and essential oils good for neuropathy are:

White Willow Bark: a powerful herb to help aid in joint inflation and nerve pain specifically.
Burdock root:powerhouse of a blood purifier
Cinnamon: a powerful antiseptic herb for diabetics
Cayenne: maintains a healthy Blood circulation
Hawthorne: maintains cleat arterial and vascular wall to maintain a healthy and consistent blood flow to all the main systems.

Essential Oils: (for neuropathy)
Use topically Pepermint essential oil (diluted to 2 percent) as an antispasmodic.
Use Topically: Clove essential oil as an all natural anesthetic
Use Topically: Cypress oil Helps with muscle cramping and more server neuropathy (shooting pain effect)
USE TOPICALLY: Lavender Essential oil: for its antimicrobial properties

Another bunch of herbs that are great for diabetes and particularly used as a “Detox” are (but not limited to):
Milk Thistle
raw Cilantro
raw Parslet
raw Chicory


Another Vital Need for Diabetics is “Nutritional support”
Proper nutritional values delivered to all the main systems particularly the liver and adrenal glan is vital improper nutritional values and maintained nutritional valued will cause Oxidation (particularly in the joints (causing a rumatory arthritic effect.

Secondly, a healthy immune system is vital to all diabetics for this to will also aid in a healthy maintenance of glucose levels. 

A Few Good Nutritional herbs for diabetes are:

BEE POLLEN!!! a superfood containing the purest form of B Complex vitamins. This is due to the fact of the cross pollination process of the bees pollen collection(s).
Slippery elm Bark it is loaded with vitamins, mineral and much more 
Dandelion: Loaded with Vitamin A K Magnesium , manganese, and trace minerals of Calcium.
Nettles: Good for Water retention and will help stimulate the digestive glands of the liver and abdominal organs.

Spirruilina: This superfood pack a powerhouse level of protein and is said could potentially end world hunger. Secondly, it also is a power booster for the immune system thus maintaining a healthy immune system so that the nutrients of this superfood nourishes all the main systems.
Chlorella: One of the best super foods, chlorella is packed with nearly ten times the healthy chlorophyll of similar greens like wheat grass, barley and alfalfa. In fact, chlorella’s name comes from its high amount of chlorophyll, an important nutrient for cleansing your body.

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