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Herbs and Natural Solution for Insulin Resistance

"Herbs for insulin Resistance"

There are natural solutions for Pre, Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes. These Herbs, Juices,  and natural solutions help balance and maintain a healthy blood glucose levels especially through nutritional supplementation and Good Diet practices. My grandfather had severe diabetes and needed insulin shots regularly. Howver my grandmother a R.N. and a strong believer in natural remedies Change my grandfathers diet alone and with some other natural remedies of her own ( Tonics and Concentrates particularly) initially got my grandfather but very slowly off the shots and on to pills regularly THen off the pills Completely. But always maintaining a healthy Homemade diet.
She would make homemade grain breads. and pastas and Homemade Soups like beef Barley and Cream of Mushroom, Carrot and Zucini She would also make him Chicken but instead of freeing it She broiled it in its own sauces. One thing my grandfather did eat a lot of is "FISH" for he was a fisherman and with only a small 17 foot rowboat with a 5 hp motor would bring back fresh fish daily. Stripped Bass, Blowfish, Snappers, eals, Flounder, blackfish, Porgies etc.
My grandmother would make him Blackfish sauce for her homemade pastas and breaded eals. She would also grow and use an abundance of herbs. Like Mints and lemon herbs, Chives, garlic, another dish she would make is Marinated Eggplant salad. 
All thise and a whole lot of determination and true dedication love and above all "THE GRACES FROM GOD led my grandfather to live to an age of 92 and diabetic free.

God Bless,

Two Powerful Herbs:

Goldenseal is the first herb diabetics ought to take a serious look at. Goldenseal has an insulin-like effect in the body, meaning it lowers blood sugar levels. If you are on insulin and start using goldenseal, it is important to monitor your sugar level carefully, because if the goldenseal (or any other herbs and supplements you are taking) begin to take effect, your need for insulin will diminish. In fact, you may wish to have your doctor monitor your progress occasionally.

Licorice Root has the opposite effect from goldenseal. It tends to raise blood sugar levels or at least to help stabilize them. It works because it aids the adrenal glands. With blood sugar problems, the adrenals are often called upon to produce adrenaline to cause the liver to release sugar in the case of low blood sugar (hypoglycemia). One diabetic woman could tell by how she felt when her blood sugar was too high or too low. She took licorice to raise her blood sugar when necessary and goldenseal to lower it.

Here are a few herbs Specifically targeted for insulin resistance:
Golden Seal: A powerful herb for diabetes and lowers blood sugar
Licorice Root:  Another Powerful herb for Diabetes but Raises the Blood Sugar
Dandelion Root: A Powerful Blood purifier
Cinnamon Bark: a natural antiseptic and reduces the blood sugar levels
Onions: lowers blood sugar
Garlic: lowers blood sugar
Asian Ginseng: lowers blood sugar
Blueberry Leaf: tend to be very high in lowering blood sugar
Ginko Biloba:
Burdock Root: a natural blood purifier /detox
Juniper Berries: these tend to be very high in lowering blood sugar
Huckleberry: Tend to be very High in lowering blood sugar
Konjac Root (Glucoannan)  help blood sugar stabilization by slowing sugar absorption.

Other herbs that are used to reduce blood sugar levels are called "BITTERS"

A list of these bitter herbs:
Bitter Mellon:

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