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Natural Solutions for P.T.S.D.

Natural Solutions for PTSD

Essential Oils: 
Directly smelling from the bottle will also work if you do not have an infuser device.
Through aroma therapy and even topical application(when using as a topical solution pure essential oil must be diluted with a carrier oil such as olive,grape seed sunflower JOJOBA avocado oil. at a rate of (20 drops pure 
essential oil)  per ounce of carrier oil

  • Pure Undiluted Lavender Essential Oil
  • Pure Undiluted Clove Essential Oil
  • Pure Undiluted Cinnamon Essential Oil
  • Pure Undiluted Atlas Cedar Essential Oil
  • Pure Undiluted Grapefruit Essential Oil
  • Pure Undiluted Lemon Essential Oil
  • Pure Undiluted Lime Essential Oil
  • Pure Undiluted Vanilla Essential Oil
  • Pure Undiluted Frankincense Essential Oil

Herbal Teas And Tinctures For PTSD

To make a herbal tea take 2 tablespoons of herbs in a tea ball or infuser add  8-10 ounces of boiling water let sit 20 minute strain and press (press a tablespoon against soaked herbs in a strainer  this is wee the herbal concentrates are.

  • Passion Flower to help calm the Central Nervous system
  • Astragalus Root to promote a healthy adrenal gland this gland provides Vital chemistry along with the liver throughout the body but particularly the Central Nervous System.
  • Chamomile to help calm the Central Nervous system
  • Skullcap to help calm the Central Nervous system
  • Valerian to help calm the Central Nervous system
  • Dandelion will detox system of toxins and neurotoxins
  • Burdock detox system of toxins and neurotoxins ad well as provide vitamin b6 for nutritional support of the Central Nervous System
  • Licorice Root  To aid in the healing of the liver.
  • Milk Thistle; Will detox the liver of any impurities and help promote bile production.

Nutritional Supplementation to help PTSD

Raw Domestic Bee Pollen  Will provide a pure and full spectrum of B complex vitamins as well as other minerals and enzymes particularly targeting the Central Nervous System.
Slippery Elm Bark: will provide Nutritional support to all the Main systems
Spirulina will provide nutritional support with vital enzymes to the entire body through the circulatory system
Chlorelera A powerhouse of a DETOX a;so helps with
Fatigue,Digestive distress, and reduced ability to properly,assimilate and utilize fats,Aching joints,Depression,Impaired blood sugar regulation,Female reproductive problems

Mercury is also a potent toxin in its own right that can damage your brain, central nervous system and kidneys, and is especially dangerous for children, fetuses, pregnant and nursing women and people who have high levels of mercury bioburden. So it clearly pays dividends to detoxify your body of the accumulated toxins built up, to get yourself to a healthier state where your body can more effectively remove the toxins you're exposed to every day.
Nettles; Will provide overall nourishment with vitamins and minerals and other natural nutritional enzymes.

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